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Name Amare

Position Sith Apprentice

Character Information

Written by Delon
Title(s) Sub-Commissar (Bastion political rank)
"Lone Wolf" (former stage name)
Other Names Zaracoda "Coda" Versetto-Wolph
Gender Female
Species Nautolan
Age 20
Class/Occupation Sith Apprentice
Affiliation Sith
• Order of the Sith Lords (Darth Bane's Holocron)
Rift Jedi (briefly; less than a week)
Contra-Core Liberation Front (anti-Hutt activist group lead by Rodian expert slicer known as "The Contrarian")
Tayla Dorinn (formerly; known by stage name "Saucy Feril" who is the current owner of the Smoke & Hots CluB on Nar Shaddaa)
Alignment -25
Born 1,198 ABY, Glee Anselm (presumed)
Homeworld Krysaor
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed shoto Lightsaber (Chartreuse)

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8in
Skin Colour Light Blue
Weight 8st 8lb
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Physical Description She has developed an athletic build since beginning her Sith training. She continues to tone her muscles whilst maintaining a feminine body frame. Her height is about average. She is slender and very agile, has feminine curves at the hips, and naturally has the pheromone-sensing head tendrils ubiquitous to her species.
She has nearly twenty pronounced scar lines on her back and posterior tendrils from Zygerrian shock whip lashes she took during her two abusive years of marriage to Nautolan businessman, Jett Versetto. She also bears an almost imperceptible puncture scar on her chest from a deep sea animal attack during her childhood.
Form of Dress Wears an olive drab synthwoven traveler's outfit with a hip belt/scarf along with matching gloves and boots. The top half of the outfit includes light jung-ju fiber armour padding throughout with a reinforced portion on the abdomen.

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Serus (Human, Sith Master)

Darth Archonus (Sith pureblood; dark side wraith)
Sith Sorcerer who lived before and during the period of the Great Galactic War (3681-3653 BBY). Creator of a unique Sith alchemical substance called "azoth" intended to greatly improve healing from physical trauma, and artificially speed-up a subject's biological evolution (only known batch chemically fused with Amare). Executed by the Dark Council of the old Sith Empire for "criminal activities related to use of outlawed artifacts and treasonous use of 'forbidden knowledge'")

Tayla “Saucy Feril” Dorinn (Twi’lek seductress/entrepreneur/information broker)

“The Contrarian” (Rodian expert slicer-for-hire; saboteur and adversary of the Hutt Cartels)
Lover(s)/Partner(s) Jett Versetto (Nautolan businessman from Corellia; deceased)
Children Shara Versetto (female; deceased shortly after hatching)
Father Unknown (biological)
Capasegno Wolph (adoptive)
Mother Zenarrah Sozo (biological)
Callotrebla Wolph (adoptive)
Brother(s) Naju Sozo (deceased)
Quon Sozo (deceased)
Capalfin “Capo” Wolph (adoptive, murdered by Amare)
Other Shadrak (Dark Side Wraith) -- A male dark entity of unknown origin that was bound through the dark magic of the Nightsisters to Amare on the day of her birth. Nearly twenty years later, Shadrak began to telepathically communicate to Amare the night her slavery on Nar Shaddaa ended. He is also quite knowledgeable of the ways of the Force and claims responsibility for having guided Amare to the Red Raptor and its ex-Jedi crew. Through a message in a nightmare to Amare, Shadrak has recently made his ambitions quite clear: he seeks to find a way to fully control Amare's body, use it to kill Thane & Bomoor and ultimately become the new Dark Lord of the Sith.


Music and Themes The Kindness of Zaracoda (Coda's Light Theme)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amare is a woman seeking a family to replace the one she lost. Life was simpler and much more routine as a slave surrounded by fellow slaves she came to know over the years, and slave masters she always grew to loathe. Now that she is free, and travelling aboard the Red Raptor alongside its crew, Amare wants to start a new coven of friends she hopes she can one day call her family. Failing that, she would settle for simply finding and liberating her brother from captivity and finding a safe place to live out her days.

She can be fiercely loyal to those she trusts and will go to extreme measures to protect them, even committing acts of violence and otherwise breaking the law to help them if necessary. She doesn’t care much about government, or politics, or the needs of the many, only the needs of her family and friends matter the most to her.

Since taking her first lives on a remote world called Sheva, she has embraced the dark side of the Force and finds it far more satisfying, alluring, and meaningful to her. Its hold on her is strengthening and slowly corrupting her little by little with every violent encounter she survives.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amare’s greatest strength is her ability to learn new things quickly, even when under pressure. Years of pain and humiliation as a slave taught her that the difference between a shock whip across the back and a full bowl of cold stew at night meant knowing what to do and when to do it, even when she didn’t know how. This also lead her to be fearful of failure, but through her Sith master, Thane, she has gained considerable confidence in herself and she is learning to overcome her fears and control them with her rising affinity with the power of the dark side.

While she can be quite persuasive to get the little things she desires to help her and her friends survive, she does not see herself as a person fit for leadership. She enjoys attention from other men, but she believes her charm is best used to embolden others to be the best they can be, and in turn convince them to help her achieve her own goals.

She occasionally has her moments of stubbornness and is not afraid to stand up for herself especially when she knows she is in the right. She'll even display her indignation in front of someone bigger or stronger than she is. These brave moments of rebellious behavior, has, and can be quickly remedied by the stronger person who puts her in her place. She will, however, only show the appearance of submission under superior foe when it is decisively shown to her, but will use the first opportunity she gets to surprise her opponent and go for the kill. She almost never forgets transgressions leveled at her, and can hold a malicious grudge almost indefinitely. She can, however, offer forgiveness if that stronger person shows her a measure of compassion and makes an honest attempt to earn her trust. If they are too kind or noble, however, she will grow bored and reject (or outright kill) such a person.
Ambitions At the start of her adventures with the Red Raptor crew, she simply wanted to survive long enough to acquire the power and resources needed to find her brother and release him from captivity. Things have taken a dark twist since then.

She is willing to do anything, explore any possibility, and go to virtually any lengths to achieve true power, whatever or wherever it may be. She is driven and hopeful towards this goal because she has faith in her nightly visions of her brother. She somehow senses through these visions that he is still alive somewhere in the galaxy but doesn’t yet understand how or why she knows that. Nevertheless, it is somehow knowing he remains alive that gives her the strength to carry on and keep fighting for him. These visions, however, have been more infrequent since she was set free from Nar Shaddaa.
Interests and Hobbies While other male and female slaves around her were being used for prostitution and other dangerous work, Amare was a bit luckier to have spent most of her time cooking and cleaning and doing other menial labor. She survived by staying in the kitchen as long as she could, and thus learned the value of pleasing her masters by pleasing their stomachs. As a result, she developed her talent of crafting culinary delights to titillate the appetites of many different species. She uses her cooking prowess to keep her new crewmates on the Red Raptor happy in hopes they don’t consider throwing her out the airlock too soon. Since beginning her training as a Sith Apprentice, however, her time and interest for cooking has waned to making only the simplest of dishes. She also had experience bartending on occasion, and knows how to make a variety of mixed drinks, but has little interest in drinking for herself.

She has a budding talent for drawing and likes to sketch portraits and expressive poses. On one occasion, she snuck into the room where her Twi’lek mentor and supervisor, Saucy Feril (a.k.a. Tayla Dorinn), was “working”, and sketched out a very personal moment between Saucy and a wealthy client. Saucy later found the sketch and encouraged Amare to draw more adult scenes for a sutra she was writing. Amare hid in the shadows and watched her boss perform all sorts of lewd acts, some of which Amare couldn't bear to watch. She nevertheless sketched the risque pictures to the Twi'lek's satisfaction, and learned the difference between love and lust from all that she saw. Saucy later published the sutra, but never credited Amare for her illustrations to protect the young Nautolan's identity and reputation from the public.

Saucy had also taught Amare how to dance seductively like a Twi'lek for the rare times someone needed to fill in for the regular dancers, and Amare enjoyed using the exotic techniques (but not so much the catcalls and lusty eyes staring at her). She continues to practice her dancing to rousing electronica music in her private quarters on the Red Raptor as it helps her feel beautiful and confident, but also knowing that it may serve to help her in possible future dealings with the galactic underworld.

When her master, Brent Chesto, learned she was gifted with numbers and using computers, Amare was put to work part-time to handle bookkeeping and running short distance courier runs to hand-deliver bribes to authorities and other criminal business associates. On one occasion, she was forced to join an armed team for a smash & grab job to slice a computer and plant evidence to frame a rival slave trader. She was successful at doing her part as an aspiring slicer, and secretly robbed the trader of a 50,000 credits fortune from his private account when her team wasn't looking. It was a secret stash of digital money she kept hidden from everyone until regaining her freedom. Saucy took a significant cut of the 50-grand upon discovering it as a "finder's fee" and generously let Amare keep 10,000 for herself.

Amare now uses her slicing talents to help Thane and Bomoor as they travel the galaxy to find the kaiburr crystals and put an end to the evil Cult of Axion.
Languages Can speak: Galactic Basic, Anselmian, Nautila, Twi’leki
Can Understand: Droidspeak and Huttese
Can Write: Nautila calligraphy, Aurebesh


Fighting Style Amare is an aspiring lightsaber duelist capable of ambidextrous dual-lightsaber fighting. At present, she relies on Shii-Cho (Form I) and is applying its fundamental principles to include parrying incoming blows with her shoto. Due to her lack of upper-body strength, Amare prefers to use her small frame and Force-enhanced agility to dodge attacks rather than blocking. Her true strength, however, is her talents as a sorceress, and will relish mixing her Force powers in tandem with her saber strikes, or rely solely on those powers if they are enough to achieve victory. If the opportunity presents itself, she will seek to quench her inner dark side hunger for what she calls "life essence" by Force-draining an opponent to unconsciousness, or to death if they are Force-sensitive and rich in essence.

Amare's first real exposure to lightsaber combat training was under the tutelage of her friend and former Jedi Knight, Bomoor Thort (see post: "Old Heroes, New Lessons"). Her initial training began with Form I, and it continued with another lesson from a Rift Jedi padawan aboard the freighter, Silver Sigil. In training, she uses only her primary lightsaber, but is applying her single-blade studies to her self-teaching in dual-blade Jar'Kai combat.
Notable Abilities Dark Transfer: A powerful healing inverse of Amare's Force Drain ability. It was first used to heal her Sith master, Thane, after he sustained grievous wounds from the claws of vicious mutated beasts known as the Vaa-Thaalda on the Caanan moon of Vaa.

It is not an on-demand Force power, but its life-saving effects can be quite potent. It requires deep concentration and strong emotional investment in the person that is receiving this gift. It is severely draining to use, both physically and mentally, and can potentially render Amare unconscious for up to an hour or longer.

It is currently unknown at this time what the limits to its healing capabilities are, or what lasting effects it may have on user and receiver.
Melee Good
Marksmanship Good
Lightsaber Average
Force Sensitivity Excellent
Force Ability Good
Engineering Poor
Computers Very Good
Piloting Average
Medical Poor
Charisma Very Good
Stealth Good
Specific Skills/Abilities
Force Powers

Concealment (Natural): Excellent
False Light Side Aura: Good
Force Drain (manifested as "Spell-fire"): Good
Force Sight: Average
Levitation: Good
Sith Lightning: Average
Psychometry: Average (Very Good when handling or in proximity of objects or places strongly associated with the dead or the dark side)
Telekinesis (Push/Pull): Good
Telepathy (Mind Trick): Poor

Lightsaber Combat

• Form I (Shii-Cho): Good
• Form II (Makashi): Poor
• Form III (Soresu): No training
• Form IV (Ataru): Poor
• Form V (Shien/Djem So): No training
• Form VI (Niman): No training
• Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): No training

Weapon Proficiencies

Lightsaber Dual Wielding (Jar'Kai): Good
Blaster Proficiency: Good

Other Abilities

Conjure Astral Blade ("Acala"): Poor
Twi'lek Charm Techniques: Good

  1. Birth and Early Life (1,198 ABY - ??? ABY)
  2. • Birthed in Shadows

  3. The Wolph Name (??? ABY - 1,217 ABY)
  4. • Life on Glee Anselm
  5. • Captivity, Survival, and Freedom

  6. Becoming Amare (1,217 ABY - )
  7. • Former Jedi and a New Home
  8. • Sith Title and the Trial on Lorrd
  9. • Korriban and the Birth of Amare (1,218 ABY)
  10. • Imperial Designs (1,218 ABY)

Birth and Early Life (1,198 ABY - 1,199 ABY)

Birthed in Shadows
Zaracoda's true mother, Zenarrah, birthed Amare on the Nightsister world of Krysaor along with two brothers, Naju and Quon, under the watchful eye of Nightsister Mother Opazia. However, in a bizarre manifestation of the new born female's powers, she consumed the life essences of her siblings while they were still in their birthing pool, resulting in their deaths. Zaracoda herself began to swell with the dark side and she almost perished from the power herself, were it not for the comforting presence of her mother to bring her back from the brink.

The young girl developed quickly past her larval form but Zenarrah's fear of the dark power she had witnessed led her to leave Krysaor with the child, despite Opazia's reassurances. Unbeknownst to Zenarrah, her daughter's strong Force connection had been a beacon for another dark Force user on Krysaor and his essence had become entwined with hers, although the full extent of that connection would not manifest for years to come.

Unable to return to her former home with the Reborn Jedi Order with a child, Zenarrah decided to place Zaracoda into the care of a Nautolan family on Glee Anselm, where she hoped she would live a more normal life, while she tried to leave her dark past with the Nightsisters behind her.

The Wolph Name (1,199 ABY - 1,217 ABY)

Life on Glee Anselm
Zaracoda “Coda” Wolph (pronounced just like “wolf”) knew very little of the specific place of her birth. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Wolph told her of her birth; Coda just assumed they were her parents in spite of them, or her brother not having the same blue skin as her.

She has occasional nightmares about a deep underwater cavern with its entrance covered by a large gleaming shell with an indentation of a hand on it. She isn't certain where this cave is, or even if it's on Glee Anselm, but she has a feeling that it is where she came from.

Outside of being shot by a plant, her childhood proceeded rather normally with a well-rounded education, birthdays, ritual holidays, and culminating with a fateful offer for her family to help colonize a far-off Outer Rim world. Coda’s father, Capasegno, sought an opportunity for the family to leave behind their safe mundane life on Glee Anselm, and put his skills as an engineer and pilot to good use on board a freighter bound for a terrible destiny…

Captivity, Survival, and Freedom
Coda is only one of a handful of young survivors of a massacre which took place aboard the independent freighter Atlirith (meaning Wings of Gold in some long-forgotten language) in 1,212 ABY. The attack took place the morning of her fourteenth birthday. Within an hour, the ship was boarded, most of the crew easily dispatched by the invading pirates, and by midday, she witnessed her parents and the remaining adult crew cut down by blaster fire. The face of the Human man responsible for giving the order to fire, as well as the two thugs that pulled their blaster triggers, were forever burned in her mind as images of intense hate, and part of her reason to endure the years to follow. She, along with seven other children, including her older brother, Capalfin, were then thrown into a tiny cage in the pirates’ cargo hold. By the late evening of that day, she set foot on a private spaceport landing on Nar Shaddaa, came face-to-face with a hulking Trandoshan representative of one of the Hutt cartels, and was separated from her brother at the conclusion of the slave auction from that day on.

For years during her slavery, being traded from one cruel and callous master to another, she often tried to calm herself during cold sleepless nights by trying hard to reach into her mind and think of simpler times in the past. Unfortunately, she had little recollection of her early days on the Nautolan home world, Glee Anselm. It was mostly wet, tropical on the surface, and one of the species of deep-sea flora having a dangerous propensity to defend themselves with thorny quills shot like bullets through the water if one got too close. One of those quills hit Coda and nearly punctured one of her hearts. Her dreams of becoming a hydroponics engineer and botanist like her mother ended rather painfully that day.

After nearly two years hard labor and physical abuse between two different masters mostly cooking, cleaning and making illicit drugs for the cartels, often for twelve to fourteen hours each and every day with very little to eat, Zaracoda was sold to her third master: Jett Versetto. He was a Nautolan industrialist living on Corellia, who chose to marry her, while keeping her a slave. She lived there for two years as Mrs. Versetto-Wolph in relative safety. While she was still a slave to Jett, she was usually spared the shock whip until an incident resulting in the death of Jett and Zaracoda's child Shar, who died in his birthing water because of his mother's Force Drain power. Jett blamed his wife for the incident and threatened to kill her. It was then that her mother, Zenarrah, returned and rescued Amare from his clutches and destroyed his apartment with a terrible fire. Officially, Jett perished that day in the flames. Zenarrah used her Jedi mind powers to cloud this incident from her daughter before whisking her away to another master.

It was on Nar Shaddaa that Zaracoda was sold to her fourth and final master, an alcoholic Human male named Brent Chesto. He was still a mostly uncaring bastard of a man, but he cared enough to spare the rod most of the time as he was often too drunk to get violent with his slaves. Chesto was the owner of a brothel that originally was a bottom-tier red light dive, but in his moments of sober clarity found the miraculous ambition to try and turn it into a respectable gentleman’s club. To do this, he hired the veteran expertise of an enterprising Twi’lek woman approaching middle age known only by her stage name of Saucy Feril and her keen ability to turn failing businesses around. After days of begging and bribes and expensive drinks, Chesto finally convinced Saucy to help him save his rundown brothel from bankruptcy after coming to a 60-40% profit split Saucy’s favor. Within a year, the bar became a classy two-drink minimum club just as Chesto envisioned, and Saucy, for the most part, was in charge of the paid staff and the slaves, including Coda.

Saucy saw her youth in Coda the moment they first met; a slave that no one in the galaxy gave a damn about and was often just a few missed meals away from dying from malnourishment. Saucy turned Coda’s woes around: kept her well fed, gave her clean clothes and a soft bed, and taught her the art of seduction. Coda learned, albeit reluctantly, that the Saucy’s art had very little to with mundane sex. She discovered that it was ultimately a beautifully constructed and intricate confidence game that could be played for both the short and long haul depending on the client. Saucy taught her that acquiring mental control of a client with enough teasing and persuasion to avoid having any sex at all with him was the best form of seduction.

Through Saucy’s teachings, Coda kept her clients at arm’s length, never having intimate relations with them, but also kept them close enough to tease their senses and captured their hopeless romantic hearts. More often than not, she simply ended up listening to the personal problems of her clients and becoming a shoulder for them to cry on. It was irritating at first, but Coda soon found she rather liked being trusted so much by strangers, and enjoyed hearing their surprising secrets by doing little more than just sitting down and being friendly. Saucy used that to her advantage and often encouraged Coda to empathize with the emotional clients to glean secrets from them that could be useful for blackmail and extortion purposes later on.

Coda quickly became one of Chesto’s VIP girls, and used the shortened form of her name as part of a marketing ploy to customers telling them, “If none of the other girls here meets your needs, Coda is your last chance to ever find happiness in the universe.” Aside from a couple of clients that attempted (and failed due to Saucy’s surveillance and armed security) to hurt her, Coda was very successful in her endeavours. However, with very little reward in return for her hard work, she eventually saw the art of seduction for what it really was: an empty, soulless performance of sultry striptease cons to make a drunkard and his manipulative Twi’lek dominatrix rich.

Coda found occasional bits of happiness for a time with Saucy, and even considered her something of a surrogate mother of sorts. Saucy decided after a time that she didn’t want Coda to be stuck under Chesto’s thumb forever and coached the young woman to put her mind towards saving money to eventually buy her freedom and go into business for herself, and maybe grow rich enough to buy her brother’s freedom too. Saucy even privately considered buying Coda for herself to keep as her loyal and most profitable asset, and possible future business partner.

That all changed, however, just a week after Coda’s nineteenth birthday in 1,217 ABY. It was the night when she confronted Chesto over a yellow crystal that he had taken away from her. They had a violent struggle in his office, and she shot him with his own blaster. It was not long after that she would stow away on board the spacecraft known as the Red Raptor, and meet her new destiny through her fateful encounter with the ship’s crew…

Becoming Amare (1,217 ABY - )

Former Jedi and a New Home
Discovered aboard the Red Raptor by the former Jedi Knight Thane, a Human from Caanus, the young woman’s strong Force ability was intriguing and, after discussion with his companion Bomoor Thort, an Ithorian and also former Jedi, it was agreed that they would not only offer her passage off Nar Shaddaa, but also train her in the ways of the Force and what it meant to wield that power in the wider galaxy. The thought of finding her long-lost brother Capo was the only ambition Coda had and the two former Jedi agreed that they would aid her in this pursuit should she ever discover his whereabouts.

One of the first places Coda was taken to hone her abilities was Irrikut, where Thane tested her resolve in the frozen north of the planet. Coda began to hear whispers from an unknown, but familiar, being as her body was stretched to its limits. It was only when Coda became trapped in a cave that the being identified itself as Shadrak, a dark Force-user who attempted to save himself from death almost twenty years prior, but instead found his life force tethered to Coda’s. He explained that his influence had resulted in some of her darker impulses but the power to be a great Sith Sorcerer was within her and it was a power that Shadrak wanted for himself. For now, the being instructed Coda on how to use her power to escape the cavern before disappearing back into the depths of her being.

Coda’s training continued with Thane and he began to teach her more of the dark side as he knew it from the Sith teachings. Eventually, their journeys to find more knowledge had them come across a strange ancient key that led them back to the moon of Thane’s home world of Caanus: Vaa. Here, Coda was tested against the vicious devolved creatures known as the Vaa-Thalda, which had been altered by the dark magics of the ancient Darth Cabal, who had a hidden laboratory on the moon. The creatures injured Thane just as they made it to the laboratory and Coda innately used her power to heal Thane; a feat, which took the man by surprise. It was then than Thane revealed his true nature as Sith to Coda and revealed his intentions to train her as his apprentice. Within the structure, the pair found a wraith-like form of Darth Cabal, kept alive through arcane power imbued into a phylactery. He demanded the return of the ancient key, but Coda had managed to break it and absorb its essence. Before Cabal could seek to steal the power from Coda, Thane crushed the phylactery, causing the remaining essence of Darth Cabal to wither away. They escaped the moon with several tomes containing Cabal’s studies and secret writings.

Sith Title and the Trial on Lorrd

In her journey to discover more about her own affinity with the Force and nurture her fledgling Sith talents, Amare undertook a solo mission to the planet of Lorrd, with the task of finding her way back to the Red Raptor herself by a scheduled rendezvous on Yavin IV. She was dropped off in the desert and had to battle against her own hunger and fatigue as she crossed a vast desert. Right when she felt it would get the better of her, she encountered a great winged beast known as Zennibalas and, after a fierce struggle, Coda managed to connect to the beast's mind, before bringing it crashing down to the ground, ultimately killing it, with herself just barely holding on to life.

Coda drifted into unconsciousness as the cold night of Lorrd set in and she received strange visions, from a strange older version of herself and a younger version of herself going by the name Zara. She was asked to name herself by both the child and a chorus of less familiar older voices and, when finding the name Zaracoda no longer fitted, a new name came to her. She spoke the name 'Amare' for the first time.

During this time, Coda was found by two young racers out in the wasteland and brought to the Qatamer Memorial Hospital, a small community hospital far from Lorrd City, where a curious doctor by the name of Edrick Alefgard takes an interest in her when he discovers her high midichlorian count. He transfers her to his lab at the Lorrd Academy of Aquatic Studies, where he hopes to use her abilities in a desperate attempt to avert an environmental crisis on Lorrd caused by a bacterial contagion, which causes uncontrollable growth of a poisonous algae in the planet's water supply. Alefgard has discovered and modified an ancient strain of virus, which was isolated from a Sith artefact, which he hopes can be used to destroy the offending bacteria. Despite his good intentions, the dark side artefact has started to effect his mind and he threatens to kill Coda if she does not submit to being infected by the virus so she can try to control it. Coda cautiously agrees to assist, managing to control the virus and use it to prevent the environmental crisis, but she has to fend off the lingering Sith presence of the ancient Dark Lord Archonus within the gauntlet, which proves too much for the doctor, who perishes to its effects. While Coda escapes Archonus' influence for now, the lingering essence of the Sith has now taken note of her.

Now free from captivity, Coda escapes to Lorrd City where she encounters two Rift Jedi: Master Dakris Nakomo and his Fosh padawan, Equivis. She begins to learn more about this splinter Jedi order and they recognise her Force potential and offer to take her along with them for a while to learn more of their philosophy, despite Master Nakomo sensing a darkness within her. Coda initially agrees in order to get closer to them, finding herself becoming good friends with Equivis during their short exploits together on the planet. Eventually, they depart together with Coda on the Jedi's ship, the Silver Sigil. However, as Coda opens up about her powers and makes the mistake of mentioning having a mentor, Nakomo begins to further suspect the influence of the Sith and makes a report back to the Rift Order, where he is told to bring her back to the Rift Jedi to assess the truth of his suspicions. Coda overhears this and, out of fear, lures the Master into a trap and murders him to keep her secret safe. She tries to keep Equivis out of it, hoping he will believe it was an accident, but he finds out about her plan just a little too late to save his master and the pair duel on the Rift Jedi's ship. Coda may not have won but for a cunning backup trap she thought to engineer making use of the ship's droid to stun the Fosh before finishing her off.

Killing a newfound friend takes a heavy emotional toll on the Nautolan but she quickly takes control of their ship and flies it back to Yavin IV to rendezvous with Thane and Bomoor. She relays the tale to the pair, who listen carefully and are very concerned about the threat of the Rift Jedi now tracking them down. Thane sets the Rift Jedi ship to self-destruct and takes Coda aside secretly to deliver a brutal punishment through his Force powers. The lessons, both good and bad, from the trip to Lorrd are felt for a long time to come.

Korriban and the Birth of Amare (1,218 ABY)
After the research efforts of Bomoor, utilising both Darth Cabal’s texts and the knowledge of Darth Krayt’s holocron, the decision was made for the three Force-users to head to the ancient birthplace of the Sith: the planet Korriban. After slipping past the detection of the Reborn Jedi orbital station utilising the Force-dampening Ysalamiri creatures, the Raptor Crew, along with the ship’s droid G2-O7, headed towards the ancient temple of XoXaan. However, to reach the temple, they had to travel through a series of winding tunnels.

While resting, they fund themselves ambushed by a terrible creature, descended from the dreaded Terentatek of old, which caused Coda and the droid to become separated from her mentors. They fled from the beast and initially escaped, wandering lost for some time, holding their own against some of the other native beasts of Korriban. However, the great beast found them once again and their conflict led them to fall through the floor and into a hidden chamber below, containing a strange alter and a pool of red spirit ichor. Coda was badly wounded, suffering from the creature’s toxic claws and, as she lay dying, she began to hear the voice of the ancient Sith Archonus once again, as she had on Lorrd, only much clearer. He spoke of his own daughter, who had met a similar fate, thousands of years ago, but was too weak to survive his experiments into spirit ichor. Coda could only listen as she slipped away, her hearts failing.

It was the intervention of G2-O7 that ultimately prevented her death as it discharged its own power core, with the resulting electrical impulse being enough to restart Coda’s hearts. She was still weak, however, and faced with a wounded but still dangerous Terentatek. She spied the pool of ichor and was compelled to dive into it. However, she instantly regretted her choice as she was pulled deeper in by ethereal hands and the voice of Archonus laughing with glee as the ichor dissolved the Nautolan’s garments, while her flesh remained intact. He proclaimed his success, where he had failed before with his apprentices and daughter, who had all perished in the pool. A sphere of the blood-red ichor swirled around Coda and she found herself levitating out from the pool as a great power seeped into her, taking over her entire being. Without effort, she compelled great stones to fly at the Terentakek, pinning the creature down. The final stage of Coda’s transformation began as the ichor began to lose its red colour, becoming pure, clear water, which continued to swirl around her. Archonus asked the Nautolan her true name and she once again and the swirling water hardened around her to form a crystal-like cocoon, which then softened and absorbed into her now-paler blue skin. She then remembered the name that had come to her on Lorrd. The name Zaracoda no longer belonged to her and she once again proclaimed herself ‘Amare’. She summoned her lightsabers to her hands and cut down the Terentatek.

Archonus’ ghost then manifested himself fully before Amare to congratulate her and tell him of his full intentions. He had sacrificed many individuals in his pursuit of the power Amare now possessed: the ‘Azoth’ as he called it. He had sacrificed apprentices, his grown daughter and, finally, the body of his stillborn daughter, whom he had named ‘Amare’ and he now believed was partly reincarnated within the Nautolan who had survived the process. However, Coda expressed her anger with Archonus’ methods, now not as confident about her acceptance of herself as ‘Amare’ and the ancient Sith began to express doubt about her worthiness. He attacked her but the long-dead Sith was caught by surprise when Coda summoned a spectral blade to defend herself against a surprise attack. He recognised the blade as the Acala but said no more about it besides that her ability to summon it was remarkable. Archonus seemed satisfied at his choice and sent her on her way back to Thane and Bomoor, with G2-O7’s broken parts in tow. While something of Coda was still within her, the woman that left that chamber was now known as Amare.

Amare eventually met up with the two former-Jedi, but fell into the same trap they had succumbed to, finding her essence sucked into an ancient Rakatan Mind Prison. Within the device, they met the imprisoned Pureblood Sith Hazarrah, who challenged them to partake in a recreation of an ancient conflict known as The Siege of Trayset. If they failed to save Trayset, he would earn his freedom through their bodies and, if they succeeded, they would be free to go. They agreed and, Amare found herself transferred into the body of an ancient Sith warrior. She parted ways with her master when beckoned by a Sith female, who revealed that she and her sister were not part of the “game” within the mind prison and were prisoners too. They proposed that Amare betray Thane and Bomoor by allowing the two sisters to take their bodies and, in return, they would help Amare escape with them. Amare suspected this temptation was part of the game, however, and called them out to the guards. They cursed her and vanished, leaving Amare uncertain if they were real people once or just figments of Hazarrah’s game. At that moment, however, a great power erupted from the main structure and Amare returned to find Bomoor had unleashed a powerful curse upon the Rakata, finally ending the game. Hazarrah was neither upset nor pleased at their challenges, offering his opinion on their trials then finally, with a clap of Hazarrah’s hands, he transported the three trapped minds back to their bodies.

However, as her mind drifted, it was intercepted once again by the spectre of Shadrak, who stole her away to what appeared to be the planet Irrikut. He revealed that he was Shadrak Sojoln, a former Sephi noble, who had had been the son of Mother Opazia, the Nightsister who had taken in and watched over Coda’s mother. Shadrak had trained in the dark side powers for years, working to achieve great victories on behalf of his mother’s clan, despite slightly resenting her for taking him away from his father and a life of nobility. However, his research into the powers of the spirit ichor and other dark powers had inflicted a terrible degradation on his body and he was slowly dying. He hoped he might be able to use his powers to save himself from death but, alas, his final experiment destroyed his body and sent his essence adrift, somewhere between life and death. In a final insult to him, on the day of Zaracoda’s birth, Opiaza gifted some of her power to the newborn girl instead of him. This power was what allowed her to summon the Acala, but Shadrak’s jealousy and desire led him to fuse his essence with the young Nautolan, splitting the power of the Acala between them. He hoped now to destroy Coda’s life force and gain the entire power for himself: the power to take the mantle of Lord of the Sith from Thane and return to rule over the Nightsisters.

However, another vision appeared to Coda to come to her aid; it was the older Nautolan sorceress, who had appeared to her on Lorrd and knew how to defeat Shadrak. With her assistance, Coda resisted the power of Shadrak’s own blade, revealing that it is not truly a weapon, but rather a key to a greater power. Coda summoned her own half of the blade but too found herself unable to wield it as a weapon against Shadrak. The sorceress then intervened and sent Coda’s essence back to the Mind Prison, but did not send Shadrak’s essence back with it; instead she sent it to wait on a temple back on Krysaor.

Awakening with Thane and Bomoor in XoXaan’s temple, she had little time to explain her own separate exploits before they set out to escape the temple. They eventually made their way out, finding an old, rusted droid along the way and began back across the planet’s surface to find the ship. However, they were intercepted along the way by three curious companions: the smuggler Rex, his Jawa associate, Reave, and a former cultist of Axion’s known as Mentis, whom Thane and Bomoor were immediately hostile to. However, Mentis explained he had sought them out to offer his assistance against Axion and to learn from them. After tensions died down, the newcomers were cautiously accepted and they carried on back to the Raptor.

More encounters awaited, however, as they neared the vessel as they were caught up to by several members of the Cult of Axion along with the sudden appearance of lead Jedi Templar Ryhnseh Lahan and Amare’s mother Zennarah Sozo. A tenuous agreement was formed against the cultists who were just about driven back. Everyone aside from Master Lahan made it onto the ship, which finally made its escape from the tomb world.

On the ship, Zenarrah opened her mind up to her daughter and many of Amare’s missing memories, as Zaracoda were returned to her. She felt great pain and anguish, particularly remembering her own deceased child, but also felt a newfound bond with her mother.

Imperial Designs (1,218 ABY)

As the new identity of Amare was slowly accepted and the new members of the crew began to integrate, the training resumed. On Mustofar, she trained along with Mentis, whom Bomoor had taken under his wing and showed just how much more powerful she had become. It was here too that Thane, acting as Serus, assigned Amare another solo mission to increase the underworld sway of the Sith. She was to travel to Sleheyron to assassinate an employee of Undervos Holdings, so that Serus could ensure the continued control of the company rested with Hesk Scivo, who would secretly allow Serus control over the business. Amare successfully completed this task for Serus, further cementing her position as a trusted apprentice who could work in the shadows to do his bidding.

When she returned to Raptor, it was not long before they received a communication from an old acquaintance of Thane and Bomoor: a Rift Jedi known as Theon and the crew set off to liaise with him on Alba, the capital planet of the Outer Rim Alliance.