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Zenarrah Sozo

Name Zenarrah Sozo

Position Knight-Errant

Character Information

Written by Delon
Other Names Zen
Gender Female
Species Nautolan
Age 45
Class/Occupation Jedi Sentinel (Shadow)
Affiliation Reborn Jedi Order
• Jedi Templars (inactive, self-imposed exile)
• Jedi Shadows (trained)
• Jedi Temple Guard (formerly)

Third Galactic Republic
• Third Republic Intelligence Office (TRIO)
• Judicial Forces (Captain, resigned)
Alignment -5
Born 1,173 ABY
Homeworld Cularin
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Cyan)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9''
Skin Colour Light Blue
Weight 9st 2lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Form of Dress Wears sleeveless olive drab vest, tight-fitting brown trousers, and short black boots. Often travels under the cover of a dark brown Jedi hooded cloak. Wears a lighter version of the same kind of utility belt that her former master, Rynseh Lahan, wears. The belt features a single side-pouch in which a single bacta medpac is stored for emergency medical treatment.

Since leaving Nar Shaddaa, she has donned a gold-coloured cuirass composed of a combination of lightsaber-resistant cortosis, plasteel, and dallorian alloy. The self-made custom design was loosely based upon examples of Jedi battle armor suits from the Old Republic era Zen found in the Reborn Jedi Temple archives. It took her almost three years and thousands of credits to complete.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics None

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Rynseh Lahan (Jedi Master, former Agent of TRIO)
Mentee(s) Rusasha Lahan, (Jedi Consular, Rynseh Lahan's daughter)
Thane/Serus (Human, lightsaber mentee)
Children Naju† (Son, deceased)
So'Quon† (Son, deceased)
Amare (born Zaracoda Wolph) (Daughter, Sith apprentice)
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown


Personality & Traits

Languages Can speak: Galactic Basic, Nautila, Huttese, Catharese
Can Understand: Droidspeak
Can Write: Aurebesh


Melee Very Good
Marksmanship Poor
Lightsaber Very Good
Force Sensitivity Excellent
Force Ability Very Good
Engineering Average
Computers Good
Piloting Good
Medical Average
Charisma Average
Stealth Excellent
Specific Skills/Abilities
Force Powers

Force Telekinesis (Push/Pull): Very Good
Force Speed: Very Good
Force Concealment: Very Good
Force Drain: Good
Mind Trick: Good

Lightsaber Combat

Form I (Shii-Cho): Good
Form II (Makashi): Average
Form III (Soresu): Average
Form IV (Ataru): Very Good
Form V (Shien/Djem So): Shien: Average Djem So: Average
Form VI (Niman): Average
Form VII (Juyo): Very Good

History Zenarrah "Zen" Sozo began her story with great promise...

"...At the time, I was temporarily assigned to the Seekers; Jedi who journey across the galaxy in search of Force-sensitive children destined to become the next generation of our Order. When the Force led me to a mining settlement on Cularin, I encountered a small impoverished family of Nautolans living there, and among them a little girl, barely more than a year old, comforting her sick older brother, unaware that she was subtly channeling the Force in such a way that was helping to restore him back to health. It's well-known that Nautolans mature faster than most sentients, but her maturity and compassion at such a young age was remarkable nonetheless. I knew right away I found our future Captain of the Temple Guard, and, in a way, I suppose I was right. She grew to become a model guard with admirable discipline and patience, volunteered in assisting in numerous criminal investigations with Coruscant's law enforcement authorities, and was even a competent lightsaber instructor for some of the initiates, but...times change, and so did she. I regret having lost her to the Jedi Shadow Corps; I think we all do now. They claimed her natural powers of stealth and combat prowess made her a prime candidate. I protested, but the Council agreed with the Corps, and she reluctantly accepted their offer. The missions they sent her on exposed her to the evils and trickery of the dark side. It persuaded her to break her oaths, fall in love with a known smuggler, and become trapped in the deepest and most dangerous kind of attachments: motherhood. Her betrayal was inevitable." --Jedi Master Juri Tequis, former Temple Guard Captain and Master-at-arms of the Reborn Jedi Order

(more to come)