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"Yes, the Nightsisters. When Manda'toma was formed, Dathomir was already pacified and the Nightsisters had taken the Mandalorian Path." - Sev Rezer, remembering the near-destruction of the Dathomirian Nightsisters

Basic Information


    Region: Unknown Regions
    Sector: UNC-179
    System: Lua System
    Suns: Palidor
    Orbital position: 4
    Moons: TBC
    Grid coordinates: F-10
    Distance from Core: TBC
    Rotation period: 21 hours
    Orbital period: TBC


    Class: Terrestrial
    Diameter: TBC
    Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable)
    Climate: TBC
    Gravity: Standard
    Primary terrain: TBC
      Native Flora:TBC
      Native Fauna: Jheven Thresher (leviathan-class organism)
      Points of interest: Bendu Monastery


      Native Species:None known (only immigrated races)
      Primary language(s): Dathomiri, Galactic Basic
      Government: Matriarchal Governance
      Population: Sparse (less than 120)
      Demonym: Krysaon
      Major cities: Endiness
    • Dathomiri Nightsisters
    • United Kingdom of Thustra


    Krysaor was settled by a straggling coterie of Nightsisters led by the mysterious 'Matron' who seeks to rebuild the Nightsisters to their former glory over one thousand years ago, when their connection to the Dark Side and the spirits was at its peak.

    This world, while different from Dathomir, holds the potential for the Nightsisters to harvest the precious Spirit Ichor that fuels many of their spells and abilities.


    A planet seeped in the Force (Early Galactic History)

    The early history of Krysaor is shrouded in mystery; whether the planet was formed with the rare Force-imbued waters of life or some ancient incident to make it a nexus of Force potential. While no known sentient species is known to have originated from the planet, there is a vast network of organisms from tiny insects to the great Jheven Thresher that appears to have existed in the same form for millions of years. These great leviathans are the apex predator of the planet but are also extremely rare with only one seeming to exist worldwide at any point in time.

    Despite the variety of life, all the species seem to have an intrinsic link to the planet, cultivating vast forests and carving out channels in the earth to allow the waters of life to permeate far across the land in great canals and deep into the earth in underground rivers. It has been suggested that there is a hive consciousness between the species as they function more like machines than living organisms.

    Settlement by the Order of Dai Bendu (Around 5000 BBY)

    The only early settlements on the planet are ancient Bendu Monasteries, dating back to the time of the Old Republic. It is said that the famous Bothan pirate and explorer, turned Force-mystic, Lua Torfan (after whom the system is named), came to the planet with a group of his followers and made it their home for many years.

    Archaeological evidence points to them experimenting with the waters of the planet to extract the Spirit Ichor and a number of sacred artefacts, imbued with Force essence were created during this time. However, the peaceful nature of their order was short lived; it is believed that some within the Bendu sought to create weapons with the Spirit Ichor and were successful in creating a blade of terrible power. The potential of this weapon is thought to have divided the mystics on Krysaor and so a faction broke away and left with the blade, never to return.

    After the fracturing of their order, the Order soon fell into further disputes, fearing they had lost their balance in the Force along with their lost brethren and their settlements were abandoned soon after.

    Recent History (Around 1,000 ABY)

    [Nightsister story TBD]

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