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Bomoor Thort

Name Bomoor Thort

Position Jedi Exile

Character Information

Written by Joseph
Gender Male
Species Ithorian
Age 30
Class/Occupation Jedi Consular
Affiliation Third Galactic Republic
Reborn Jedi Order (formerly)
Alignment -10
Born 1,188 ABY, Öetrago
Homeworld Öetrago
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Viridian)

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 6"
Skin Colour Russet
Weight 14st 6lb
Hair Color Brown (Where applicable)
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Bomoor is of average height for an Ithorian male and of normal build for his race. His trunk is around 5 inches wide and has a moderate hump on the back of his head. He does not have any regular patterns or markers on his skin.
Form of Dress Bomoor usually dresses in very simple garments, commonly a brown Jedi robe and under-shirt. However, he does wear a number of synfleece shirts Bomoor claims are better to wear in cantinas. Bomoor also wears a utility belt to hold his lightsaber, medpacks and other items.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics None

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Master Thurius (Cerean, Jedi Master)
Mentee(s) Mentis (Rattataki, former member of the Cult of Axion)
Lover(s)/Partner(s) None
Children None
Father Bruta Thort (Chief Republic-Öetrago Diplomatic Liaison)
Mother Mumin Mozo (Elenca Herd Leader)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Thane (Human, Close friend)


Voice NOTE – Any language spoken by the Ithorians is spoken in “stereo” due to their four throats and two mouths.

Music and Themes There is the Force (Bomoor's Theme)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bomoor shares much of his people’s compassion and respect for life. He has a strong belief in the living force and is strongly aware of the present. Because of this, he is often ready to take action and can see options that are often clouded to others. This can often make him frustrated by those who sit idle when action can be taken. Bomoor has a strong moral compass and feels a duty to protect the innocent when he can.

Boomor can be quite reserved and will often exclude himself, preferring private reflection and mediation. However, he is friendly and intelligent company and is very loyal to his friends and will seek to bring out the best in them. Bomoor has a strong “herd protection” instinct and this can often be the only time he shows strong emotion for the protection of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bomoor’s reserved nature does not make him a natural leader. However, he is an excellent mentor and friend – open to share his thoughts and teachings. Sometimes his firm beliefs cause conflict between those whose views differ which can cause problems, particularly with those in authority. Despite this, Bomoor usually finds some way to achieve his goals, even if in a small way.

In combat, Boomor’s physiology makes him prone to tire easily if relying too heavily on lightsaber combat. He has a strong affinity for force manipulation in combat but must often play the defensive, particularly if battle has tired him.
Ambitions Bomoor hopes to do good where he can in the galaxy, even for people and creatures many would consider below them. He hopes that he can teach others to do the same through general influence and, he hopes someday, as a mentor to a padawan.

Bomoor hopes to improve his knowledge of the force and its techniques throughout his life and become perfectly attuned to the living force before he dies.
Interests and Hobbies When alone, Bomoor is keen to either study or meditate on the force. When visiting somewhere new or unknown, he likes to find out as much as he can about his surroundings and learn of peoples and cultures. He enjoys intellectual conversations with friends and also hearing tales of exploits and adventure.
Languages Fluent in Ithorese and Basic (Has an understanding of Twi’leki, Huttese and several other languages but has difficulty speaking clearly in these languages).

NOTE – Any language spoken by the Ithorians is spoken in “stereo” due to their four throats and two mouths.


Fighting Style With a lightsaber, Bomoor is a proficient user of Form V in its Shien variant – focussing on defensive techniques from opponents wielding both blasters and lightsabers. The Shien form allows him to play the defensive and force the opponent to reveal weaknesses in their technique. Bomoor is able to defend against multiple opponents at once with this form but finds it less effective for one-on-one combat.

Because of this, Boomor also is well-versed in the Ataru form for melee combat. Using the force, Boomor can temporarily quicken his pace and strike quickly at his opponent. This technique is very draining and can leave him vulnerable after a short while. The length of time before Boomor tires can be extended through the use of his Revitalise force ability.
Notable Abilities Bomoor is strong with Force abilities and is constantly learning and improving his Force powers. His key abilities are his Revitalise, Force Speed and Protection Bubble. Protection bubble is a technique Bomoor has been developing over the last few years. He is constantly seeking to improve the radius of his protection bubble in order to protect a group from damage.

He is capable of using force push/pull moves with moderate strength as well as other physical manipulation force abilities. He was also encouraged to learn force bellow by his fellow padawans at the academy as an Ithorian’s four throats amplified this ability with the species own natural Guttural Roar to give it intense strength. He is now fairly proficient in this technique.

Bomoor is also developing his force stun abilities – both droid and organic forms. His current progress allows him to briefly halt a weak opponent. He has started to enhance his ability to stun organic life forms allowing him to completely halt their actions for a short time.
Melee Good
Marksmanship Poor
Lightsaber Good
Force Sensitivity Very Good
Force Ability Very Good
Engineering Very Poor
Computers Poor
Piloting Average
Medical Good
Charisma Average
Stealth Good
Specific Skills/Abilities • Revitalise: Very Good
• Force Healing: Good
• Force Speed: Average
• Protection Bubble: Average
• Force Telekinesis: Average
• Force Bellow: Very Good
• Stun Droid: Very Poor
• Force Stun: Average
• Force Telepathy (Mind Trick): Very Good
• Mind Wipe: Poor
• Force Absorption/tutaminis: Poor
• Force Lightning: Poor

• Form I (Shii-Cho): Average
• Form II (Makashi): Poor
• Form III (Soresu): Average
• Form IV (Ataru): Good
• Form V (Shien/Djem So): Very Good (Shien), Good (Djem So)
• Form VI (Niman): Poor
• Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): Poor

    Youth and the Reborn Jedi Order (1,188 ABY - 1,217 ABY)
  1. • Early Life & discovery by the Jedi
  2. • Finding a Master and a friend
  3. • Passing the Trials and greater freedom

  4. The Sith and the Hunt for Axion (1,217 ABY - )
  5. • Destined meetings and the Council's mission
  6. • Birthplace of Doubt
  7. • Despair and Acceptance
  8. • A New Bond and a New Point of View

Youth and the Reborn Jedi Order (1,188 ABY - 1,217 ABY)

Early Life & discovery by the Jedi
Bomoor was born the son of an Ithorian Herd Leader, Mumin Mozo, on Öetrago. The Ithorians recognised his Force sensitivity at an early age and was suggested as a potential Herd leader for another tribe when he came of age. For many years, Bomoor lived with the Elenca Herd, watched over by his mother with regular visits from his father, Bruta Thort, who worked in the capital Mooko City. They were content and lived a relatively peaceful existence with nature, migrating frequently.

However, his father worked with the Republic Diplomatic Service stationed on the planet and came to meet Jedi Watchman Brogue, a Bith Jedi from the Reborn Jedi Order tasked with finding Force-sensitive individuals that had been missed by the screening programme. After bringing Bomoor to meet the Watchman, the Jedi offered him a place in the Reborn Jedi Order. Bomoor was keen on the idea after hearing of the ideals of the Jedi, even though it meant leaving his Herd behind. His mother was hesitant but agreed for him to leave behind his future as a Herd Leader.

Finding a Master and a friend
Bomoor travelled to the Jedi temple on Coruscant and began his training as a youngling. His training was slow and his reserved nature tended to see him passed over many times when masters came to choose their apprentices. However, Master Thurius, a Cerean Jedi, came across Bomoor manipulating large stones in the temple grounds during meditation. He took the Ithorian on as his apprentice as he saw great potential in the young Jedi’s force abilities.

Thurius helped Bomoor to harness his great affinity for the force to boost the condition of himself and others – he was given great potential as a Jedi healer within the order. It was at this time that Bomoor met a fellow Padawan named Thane under the training of Master Sotah, a close friend of Master Thurius. The two often shared ideas and philosophies about the Jedi and discussed teachings they had learnt from their masters or from the Jedi archives.

As Bomoor learnt more and more of the Jedi and began to see the world outside with his master, he began to become concerned that the Jedi did not act as the Guardians they proclaimed to be. He confronted his master on this issue many times. As Grand Master Luke Skywalker had written when he founded his new Jedi Order over one thousand years ago:

Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.
Jedi respect all life, in any form.
Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

Bomoor connected deeply with this code and felt it to identify greatly with his own beliefs about the Jedi. His training as a healer made him keenly aware that the Jedi rarely shared their abilities with those in need of it. Many places in the galaxy were suffering greatly, within the Republic and beyond, but the Jedi council often refused to aid in conflicts between planets and defend those who were truly suffering until it was too late. His master told him that the Jedi’s purpose was not to fight people’s wars, but was to defend the Republic against the threat of evil and to nourish peace throughout the galaxy. Although Bomoor greatly respected his master and the council, he continued to believe in helping those in need, no matter how insignificant they seemed to others – they were all one in the living force.

On occasion, Bomoor would leave the Jedi temple and had been known to cause a stir trying to help people in the lower city. This often got him into trouble with the Jedi Masters and was forbidden from leaving the temple for long periods of time. During these times of seclusion, he liked to either meditate alone or spar with Thane.

One of Bomoor's most-prized possessions is the rare Viridian lightsaber crystal he received from a seer while on a mission to Onderon. It is a reminder of a time when he had the courage to speak out against the great injustice inflicted upon the Onderonian people, caught in a three-way power struggle. The woman who gifted it to him also revealed a strange prophesy regarding the Ithorian, which said he would someday stand in the centre of a great conflict.

Passing the Trials and greater freedom
Eventually, the time came for the trials and Bomoor’s insight and skill brought him the strength and courage to pass the trials and enter the order as a Jedi knight along with his friend Thane. The two Jedi were now allowed great rein and often were given missions to complete together given their great affinity and ability to work together. Bomoor quickly became recognised as a Consular of the order, given his preference for using the force defensively over lightsaber combat. This often complemented Thane’s more offensive battle strategy – Bomoor could often manipulate the force to increase Thane’s agility and stamina or shield the pair from damage. Despite this, Bomoor still practiced lightsaber techniques – his slower nature found him more suited to the defensive Shien form but he also trained in the quick-paced Ataru, which he could achieve by using the force to quicken his fighting pace for a short while when needed, usually against a single opponent.

Even as the pair grew older, they were often inseparable and, although their opinions clashed at times on how things should be done, they both maintained that the Jedi should not sit idle. Despite Bomoor’s great sense of good and compassion, he was dubbed a Grey Jedi by many of his peers on account of his defiance of the council and tendency to choose his own path. While he respects the order, he now feels he has become rather detached from his fellow Jedi but feels stronger than ever in himself.

The Sith and the Hunt for Axion (1,217 ABY - )

Destined meetings and the Council's mission
After Thane and Bomoor's mission to Nar Shaddaa, which resulted in the uncovering of the Cult of Axion as well as Thane's discovery of the Holocron of Darth Bane, Bomoor has begun to develop uncertainties over who he can trust. After returning to Coruscant to present their findings and to propose their mission to pursue Axion, the council tasked Bomoor to keep tabs on Thane for the council and asked him to eliminate Thane should he turn to the Dark Side of the Force. Bomoor was left feeling somewhat betrayed by the Order who he believed should have aided Thane rather than shun him. On the other hand, he also is concerned about the growing distance between Thane and himself as his friend indulges more and more in the teachings of Darth Bane.

Bomoor's relationship with the rest of the crew aboard the Red Raptor has been cautious and slow to accept but he has tried to develop a good relationship to the young Beríá to whom he has become an informal master in the ways of Force manipulation and meditation. However, he worries about Bería's strong ties to Thane due to their suspected Force Bond. Like many others on the ship, he feels a duty to shield her from harm but has, on at least one occasion, been deterred by her defiant nature and resistance to correction.

Birthplace of Doubt
Their first trip with the crew has taken Bomoor to Tython - a place that holds great intrigue to the Ithorian. However, he did not find peace on the planet as a the dark presence had overtaken the ancient Jed'aii temple their party explored. In a false vision of the council, Bomoor's fears came to life as the masters ridiculed him for his nature and unimportance to the greater picture, only useful as a pawn to spy on his friend. Somehow, Thane's own dark visions became entangled with Bomoor's and the pair clashed, with Thane taking on an even paler, cybernetically-enhanced appearance. The consular managed to end the conflict with his Force Bellow and the group re-joined to eliminate the dark presence within the temple and claiming the Holocron of Darth Krayt.

The trip did not bring the peace and clarity Bomoor had sought and only heightened his concerns regarding his trust of others, while the experience has somewhat strengthened him and his ability to face those fears should they come to pass.

Despair and Acceptance
After Morgo successfully located a Kaiburr shard in the possession of Mandalorian Exile leader and Sev's Cousin, Zrad Rezer, Bomoor and Thane set out on a mission to obtain the shard from the Jericho space station, where the Exiles were based. However, their Force connection was severed upon entering the station due to a Ysalamiri trap and the pair were captured, abused and left to rot.

While in Zrad's prison, Bomoor had to face the galaxy without his Force perception for the first time and began to fall into a depressive state, feeling powerless and guilty for his wrongs against his friend Thane. Eventually the pair were rescued by Morgo, leading to Bomoor acquiring the power of a Kaiburr shard for himself and experiencing an extremely heightened state of Force ability, with the Ysalamiri network destroyed.

After their escape, Bomoor confessed that he had acted as a spy for the Jedi council and received forgiveness from Thane. However, Bomoor still felt as though he needed to make a change in himself and hated that he had given in to his feelings of hopelessness while a prisoner. In one final holo-call to the council, he renounced his position as a Jedi Knight and disowned the Order. Seeking a way to eliminate his weakness, Bomoor reached for and activated the Holocron of Darth Krayt, which was still in his possession and began to seek knowledge from the interface.

A New Bond and a New Point of View

Bomoor spent some time recovering from their battle at Jericho as did Thane. The pair said goodbye to Bería and Morgo, who went their own ways as well as finding Sev less present as he spent more and more time with the Mandalorian Exiles. While the ship was docked at Nar Shaddaa, they were introduced to an escaped Nautolan slave named Coda, who had just become awakened to her innate Force abilities. Intrigued by the encounter, they agreed to rescue her and Thane decided to tutor the young girl as his apprentice.

As time went on, both Bomoor and Thane trained Coda, although Thane’s teachings were more seeped in the dark side at this point, which was a fact that Bomoor was becoming more and more aware of. However, under the guidance of Darth Krayt’s Holocron, Bomoor was opening up more to the possibilities the dark side held: a path to power, yes, but also a hidden strength that could be key in facing down not only the threat from Axion but also from the Jedi Shadows that would now be hunting for them.

On Irrikut, Bomoor succeeded in summoning basic Force Lightning by tapping into his fear and anger and turning it into the will to defend himself and his friends. This power was later practised with Thane, who had already demonstrated this ability and wanted to develop his ability to absorb that same power harmlessly. He was faced with the opportunity to use the power for real upon visiting Vaa, one of the two moons of Caanus, along with Thane and Coda. While they faced the ancient remains of Darth Cabal, Bomoor was trapped by the brood mother of the Vaa-Thalda, Sithspawn twisted from the original Thalda beings that inhabited Caanus. Under torture of the mind, Bomoor lashed out against the sickening power of Darth Cabal and killed a great many Vaa-Thalda with new new powers. The events left him shaken and questioning his actions.

Shortly after Vaa, while Coda travelled on a training mission of her own, Bomoor agreed to accompany Thane to attempt to break the bond that still tied him to his former apprentice Bería. Travelling to Ossus, they used a physical vergence in the Force in order to undo the bond. However, this was only partially successful as the bond attached itself instead to Bomoor. The pair agreed that to leave the bond as it was, given they were far more comfortable with the present situation and to try again might result in worse consequences for them both.

Bomoor found himself able to settle some more with his new Force Bond and after reading through many of Darth Cabal’s notes, leading him to understand more about the creatures that had captured him. He also was able to cross-reference details from the tomes and from Krayt’s holocron in order to suggest a new location to find a piece of the Kaiburr crystal: Korriban.

The plan to get to Korriban involved calling in a favour from Klav, a Mandalorian Exile and now second in charge to Sev Rezer. He provided Ysalamiri to allow them to slip by Korriban’s Orbital defence station without alerting the Shadows on board to their presence. Once on the surface, the three Force users travelled alongside the ship’s droid, G2-O7, in order to find an entrance to the temple of the One Sith, where the crystal would be housed. All did not go smoothly and the group was separated in a cave system by an evolved form of the Terantatek beast. Thane and Bomoor injured and held off the beast before trapping it from them with a cave in.

Finding themselves at the entrance to XoXaan’s temple, the last great temple of the One Sith, Bomoor once again watched Thane drawn into the dark side attempting to open the door. He revealed to his friend that he knew of his intention to take up the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and that he was at peace with him doing so as it no longer held the negative stigma for him it once did: Sith or Jedi no longer determined whether one was good or evil. Speaking his chosen Sith name, Serus, before Bomoor for the first time allowed them entrance into the temple.

Deep in the temple, they were guided by the spirit of Darth Nihl to a chamber containing a Rakatan mind prison. Unfortunately, Nihl activated the box and Thane, Bomoor and, later, Coda (who had at this point taken the name Amare), were swept into the prison where they were forced to re-enact the Siege of Trayset to satisfy the trapped soul of the ancient Pureblood Sith King Hazarrah, that they were fit to return to their bodies.

After encountering an ancient droid in the temple and discovering that G2 had been destroyed by the Terantatek beast, the three humanoids left them temple and head back to the Red Raptor. It was on their way back to the ship that they had a surprising encounter with Mentis, whom Bomoor had fought before as a servant of Axion. However, the Rattataki man claimed he had run away from the Cult and, with the help of the human smuggler Rex and his Jawa companion Reave, he had sought out Bomoor and Thane, feeling compelled to seek out the enemies of Axion and aid them. While initially hostile to the man, they sensed no deception and so allowed them to accompany them back to the Raptor as their own ship had been destroyed. When they returned to the ship, they found Jedi Master Rynseh Lahan waiting alongside Amare’s own mother, Zenarrah Sozo – they had come to take in the rogue Jedi. But, in a twist of fate, the assembled were then ambushed by more members of the Cult of Axion, who were hunting down the deserter Mentis. Joining forces with Rynseh and Zen, the Raptor crew held their own against the cultists, with Bomoor exchanging harsh words with Rynseh as they fought off the Wookiee cultist Mange, eventually tossing him into a chasm with their combined power. All but Rynseh managed to get back to the ship, with Thane preventing the Cathar from boarding, and the ship finally escaped from the tomb world.

After the initial traumas of the battle were dealt with, Bomoor and Thane took Mentis aside and questioned him further about his past. Mentis appeared to be genuinely offering his aid against Axion and seeking a purpose he had never felt with the cult. While Thane indicated the great risk in taking on the Rattataki, Bomoor argued that he could not execute the man on the grounds of something he might do and he agreed to take the risk upon himself, taking Mentis as an apprentice of sorts.

The crew spent several weeks recovering and training on places such as Mustafar and Naboo, before receiving a communication from an old acquaintance from their mission to Onderon years ago: Theon of the Rift Jedi. They arranged a meeting on Alba, the capital planet of the Outer Rim Alliance, where Theon told them about evidence he had come across that indicated that GalactaWerks was involved with the removal of Mandalorian Iron from Bastion space, the remnant state of the last Galactic Empire. He was concerned about the implications on the galaxy if GalactaWerks was siding with Bastion and hoped that Thane and Bomoor would investigate in his place, as they would not be scrutinised as much as he would. They agreed it was a worthy cause, even if it delayed their search for the Kaiburr shards and they began working on a plan to infiltrate Bastion space with information provided by Sev Rezer about the Bastion/Mandalorian Border. Sev even agreed to accompany them on this mission.

So, setting their ship adrift and simulating some form of comatose state for all on board, aside from Amare who utilised her Azoth ability, they headed into Bastion space awaiting a patrol that would find them and, hopefully, take them right to the capital planet itself.