Third Galactic Republic

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Third Galactic Republic

"The First Republic was the Republic of legend, greater than distance or time. No need to note where it was or whence it came, only to know that… it was the Republic. Now, we restore that which was once benevolent and grand. Now, we restore the Golden Age of the Republic!" - Supreme Chancellor Valaha, paraphrasing from the Journal of the Whills, and the Bith who served as the first Supreme Chancellor of the Third Galactic Republic.

→ A Brief History of the Third Republic


    Type of government: Unicameral Federal Republic
    Founding document: The Grand Proclamation
    Constitution: New Galactic Constitution
    Head(s) of State: Supreme Chancellor
    Current Head(s) of State: Supreme Chancellor Paralles
      Head(s) of Government: Supreme Chancellor; Speaker of the Senate
      Current Head(s) of Government: Supreme Chancellor Paralles; Speaker Damask Hul
      Commander(s)-in-chief: Supreme Commander
      Current Commander(s)-in-chief: Supreme Commander Grendul
      Executive branch:
    • Galactic Senate
    • Office of the Supreme Chancellor
      Legislative branch: Galactic Senate
      Judicial branch:
    • Federal Courts
    • Supreme Court


      Capital: Coruscant
      Official language: Galactic Basic Standard
      Currency: Galactic Credit Standard
      State religious body: Reborn Jedi Order
      National holiday: Republic Day


      Formed from: Scattered Second Galactic Republic remnants & tribes (incl. Galactic Federation Triumvirate)
      Date of establishment: 330 ABY


    Basic Rank Structure (Naval/Military)

    Officer's Uniform & Basic Armour

    Brief History

    Created out of the shattered military forces of the various post-Dark Age Second Republic factions and tribes, the reconstruction of the Judicial Forces in the image of the First Republic's 'Golden Age' peacekeeping force was undertaken by a joint staff of Reborn Jedi and inaugural senators of the new government. Chartered by Supreme Chancellor Valaha, the New Judicial Forces were to be managed, primarily, by the civilian government, but with a strict military and naval ranking system of its own, internally.

    Given the excesses of the Old Republic and Palpatine's Empire - for which an oversized military and heavy-handed government were held responsible for causing - the Judicial Forces of this new age were kept to minimal sizes, being sufficient to deal with local skirmishes, uphold galactic law, and support sectors with any developing unrest. Designed to respond to immediate crises and to protect the frontier, it was expected that the various local sectors, the Jedi, and other organisations with vested interests in, and loyalty to, the Third Republic would bolster the forces in times of war, both big and small. During the First and Second Outer Rim Conflicts, this happened with GalactaWerks and other affiliated groupings swelling the Republic military with their own marines and militias, whilst many Reborn Jedi assumed leadership roles in the latter conflict.

    Although the Third Republic's founding philosophies abhor war and do not glorify the tenets of strife and conflict, they do nevertheless venerate those that fought for, and would still die for, the peace and security hard-won for galactic civilisation. As such, there are several dedicated war colleges still scatted through some of the Core Worlds and the strongly-loyalist entities within the Republic. However, given the limited nature of the Judicials and the highbrow impression of the forces, these are typically frequented by the families of nobles and political figures, which has largely resulted in an upper-class leadership with vested political interests. Even so, there is still a large enlisted presence within the naval and military elements, although the fleet's resources generally call upon local sectors and businesses for aid. It also usually falls to these sectors to businesses to push the frontier for exploration and transportation of resources, the Judicial Forces being too limited in scope to fulfil these requirements.


    Above: Lin Viatha (Chief of Staff), Supreme Chancellor Octavus Paralles, Speaker Damask Hul (Vice Chair)

    KEY (Political Affiliations)



    Outer Rim Alliance Bloc

    No Affiliation


    (Note: figures from Outer Rim Alliance worlds that sit within the Senate are deemed "Representatives of the Alliance", holding less sway and authority than full senators, but still providing those worlds with insight to Senate dealings. Special 'Delegates' are appointed to attend meetings and key legislative events with voting rights. The Alliance-aligned worlds not within the ORA remain full Republic members.)
    • ERIADU (SESWENNA SECTOR): Dayla Vana (Human female)
    • NEW ALDERAAN (NEW ALDERAAN SECTOR (formerly "Ash Worlds/Iego" Sector)): Octavus Paralles II (Human male)
    • NEW DAC (formerly "Scarif") (ABRION SECTOR): Gial Bok (Mon Cal male)
    • CAANUS (GORDIAN REACH SECTOR): Haavan Vuul (Human male)
    • ÖETRAGO (MAYAGIL SECTOR): Wobar Cosh (Ithorian female)

    COALITION (Political Grouping)

      Leader(s): Supreme Chancellor Paralles (de jure); GalactaWerks Board (de facto); Grand Master Quellus (Reborn Jedi Order support)

      Notable aligned/supporting planets (not exhaustive):
  • New Alderaan
  • Ciutric IV
  • Susevfi
  • Carida
  • Chandrila
  • Agamar
  • Murkhana
  • Sullust
  • Zygerria
  • Sermeria
  • Chalacta
  • Esseles
  • Fondor
  • Corulag
  • Skako
  • Neimoidia
  • Foerost
  • Corellia (mixed support)
  • Centares (mixed support)

  • The "Coalition" (an informal name initially given and later adopted by the grouping) is a loose political alliance between numerous more liberally-minded factions within the Third Galactic Republic. It is typically supported by individuals and organisations that prize the human/sentient rights of sentients highly, whilst balancing these with libertarian economic values, holding core to the belief that such libertarianism will innately feel into the well-being of the galaxy's citizens through its very nature.

    Currently the largest faction within the Galactic Senate, the Coalition's figurehead and leader is Supreme Chancellor Octavus Paralles, who holds true to the values of personal liberties, equality, and free enterprise. However, his Senate faction still holds minority sway, even if the largest, which has forced Paralles and the Coalition into an alliance with the next largest grouping within the Senate: the Centrality, led by the Vice Chancellor.

    The Coalition, and by extension the office of the Supreme Chancellor, is strongly bank-rolled by GalactaWerks and other large corporations, who strongly influence the decision-making and fiscal policy of the Coalition, whilst also providing it with naval and military might for its engagements, having effectively served as the Republic armed forces during the Outer Rim Conflicts.

    Deeply-devoted to the founding principles of the Third Republic's Grand Proclamation, the Coalition strives to minimise government size and intervention, believing in small expenditure, low taxation, minimal armed forces, with liberal policies focusing strongly on the identity of sentients and equality for all, regardless of background or origin - although this sometimes contradicts the background GalactaWerks involvement and perceived corruption that accompanies it.

    In recent years, the Coalition has come under heavy criticism, accompanied by waning support. This criticism derides the Republic for having become stagnant and corrupt; the Republic is defenceless but for a small Judicial force and the mercies of corporations, as well as the belief that the rights - or rather, the feelings - of the few are taking precedence over the prosperity of the state and its people as a whole. There is a great concern over the growing influence of GalactaWerks, as well as the apparent inability of the Republic to face off further threats from secessionist groups who old control over key resources, such as the agriworlds of the Outer Rim Alliance. These critics have found a home in the Centrality.

    CENTRALITY (Political Grouping)

      Leader: Speaker of the Senate/Vice Chancelleor Damask Hul (Duros male)

      Notable aligned/supporting planets (not exhaustive):
  • Eriadu
  • Cerea
  • Malastare
  • Atzeri
  • Cato Neimoidia
  • Champala
  • Denevar
  • Chasin
  • Commenor
  • Fondor
  • Jabiim
  • Kuat
  • Alsakan
  • Anaxes
  • Serenno
  • Corellia (mixed support)
  • Centares (mixed support)
  • Grizmalt
  • Humbarine

  • The Centrality started as a pressure group within the Third Republic; a grouping of like-minded senators and political commentators who were deeply concerned about the direction the Coalition-led Republic was going, especially after the two Outer Rim Conflicts and the growing might of GalactaWerks. It now exists as the second-largest political faction within the Senate and has numerous powerful worlds supporting and financing its agenda whilst it helps form a government alongside the Coalition.

    Led by former intelligence operative and political agitant Damask Hul, the Centrality has grown immeasurably in support following the Second Outer Rim Conflict. A man willing to compromise, Supreme Chancellor Paralles was quick to involve the Centrality within the policy-making process of the Republic as a means to quell further dissonance within the Republic's own ranks, making Damask Hul the Speaker of the Senate and his Vice Chancellor.

    The Centrality abhors the direct involvement of corporations in the day-to-day activities of the Third Republic, believing such matters rest with the state and people of authority - not those led by finance. Whilst the Centrality maintains self-determination is a key tenet in its philosophies, it maintains that state funding should be focused on the security of the nation and overall welfare and prosperity of the galaxy, rather than isolated regions or peoples. The Centrality argues for expanding the Judicial forces into a full armed service and in giving greater powers to security authorities, whilst also centralising more powers within the Galactic Senate, rather than the corrupt and bloated organisation that they currently believe dominates the Republic.

    Often derided as being amoral, authoritarian and alarmist, the Centrality, with its banners and military manner, is accused of being an echo of more imperialistic times, with the accusation being that the rise of the Centrality as the key power would result in the abuse of individuals' rights and a grossly-powerful central government that is fixated on paranoia and cultural superiority. Even so, the Centrality is finding strong support even amongst the working classes of several species within the Republic, particularly as GalactaWerks invades their lives, along with the fear of the Outer Rim Alliance holding them to ransom once more.

    However, it is widely known and accepted that in their current states, neither faction can control the Senate or the Republic without the other's support.

    OUTER RIM ALLIANCE BLOC (Political Grouping)

      Leaders: Delegates of the Alliance: Rasmus (Human male), Thyrrwook (Wookiee male), Illiath Sia-Thyyl (Umbaran female) (ORA appointees)

      & Representative Gial Bok (Mon Cal male) (ORA-aligned Senate figurehead)

      Notable member planets (not exhaustive):
  • Rhen Var
  • Alba (Capital)
  • Belsmuth
  • Cathar
  • Felucia
  • Kashyyyk
  • Anzat
  • Ruusan
  • Umbara
  • Taanab
  • Togoria
  • Sneeve
  • Charros
  • Bimmisaari
  • Ultaar
  • Saleucami
  • Boonta
  • Roche
  • Vjun
  • Junction
  • Sy Myrth

    • Notable ORA-aligned planets (not formalised members; have full Senate representation):
  • Iridonia
  • Glee Anselm (Glee-Namadii Star Collective)
  • Bothawui (Bothan Space)
  • Manaan
  • Mindor
  • Naboo
  • Ryloth
  • Telos
  • Dantooine
  • New Dac/Mon Calamari
  • Iego
  • Centares (mixed support)
  • Ord Yutani
  • Onderon

  • Following the conclusion of the Second Outer Rim Conflict and the signing of the Belsmuth-Quelli Treaty in 1,195 ABY, the reformed Outer Rim Alliance was afforded a protectorate status as a semi-autonomous state within the Third Galactic Republic. Whilst this was seen as a halfway house compromise in which neither side was truly victorious, given the ORA was still beholden to the Republic and the Republic was seen to lose face to the separatists, it has preserved the peace in the two decades since.

    As the ORA was afforded heavy legislative powers within its borders, but subjected to numerous enforced trade agreements and militaristic constraints, its member worlds had their political sway within the Galactic Senate accordingly diminished. Formal ORA member worlds within their borders had their senators stripped of their diplomatic status, and were instead replaced by Representatives. These representatives still attend Senate sessions and may engage in discussion regarding Republic law, but they do not get to propose legislation or vote on most issues, unless they directly affect ORA member worlds or are ORA-Republic issues. Instead, three Delegates of the Alliance, appointed and agreed by both the Republic and the ORA, are given voting privileges and legislative powers within the Senate, although they typically serve as ambassadors and figureheads for the ORA within the Senate.

    Many worlds supported the ORA during the Second Outer Rim Conflict without becoming full formalised members, either due to distance or because no treaties were ratified to make their alliance wholly legal. When the war was concluded, most worlds falling outside of the clearly recognisable and legal borders of the ORA were retained as full Republic member worlds. Whilst many faced sanctions and held dim views of their own on Republic proceedings henceforth, they retained their sector senators and voting rights. Given the tense political dynamics within the Senate during the 1,200s, they have formed a political voting bloc generally opposed to the Coalition-Centrality majority currently reigning. Whilst the representatives do not get full votes, the ORA-supporting senators of worlds still somewhat loyal to ORA ideals will vote in line with their opinions and do their best to insert Alliance views on the voting process, although they are heavily outnumbered by the ruling Coalition-Centrality bloc.

    Upon Octavus Paralles' ascension to the chancery, he made efforts to further repatriation with his rivals by appointing a Mon Cal chief of staff within his organisation, although this token effort has largely been ridiculed by all parties. The current recognised leader of the senator/voting portion of the bloc is Senator Gial Bok of New Dac.


  • • 330 - 338 ABY: Valaha (Bith male - from Clak'dor VII)
  • The inaugural holder of the reinstated title of Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Valaha was one of the architects of the Grand Proclamation and Third Republic. He enjoyed close relations with the New/Reborn Jedi Order Grand Master Junun Waay and their relationship paved the way for future chancellors involvement with the Order. There are numerous busts and statues that have been erected in his honour. He died elderly and popular, becoming a senator again upon the conclusion of his second (and final permitted) term.

  • • 1,184 - 1,192 ABY: Grym Oro (Skakoan male - from Skako)
  • Considered a war-hawk by both his contemporaries and historians, Supreme Chancellor Oro rose to power amidst numerous scandals that elevated him into a position of authority over his less credible, more moderate opponents. Supported by militarists and corporate interests alike, Oro was the chancellor that presided over the initial stages of the Second Outer Rim Conflict. Although there was talk of emergency legislation permitting Oro a third term during the political crisis and war, this was ultimately brought down by more moderate figures, with public opinion increasingly working against the Skakoan. Oro is remembered for his lofty promises and mishandling of basic facts and figures, but also his tactical prowess and stubborn militaristic intuition. Oro has since died from congenital medical complications.

  • • 1,192 - 1,196 ABY: Luscia Sheld (Neimoidian female - from Neimoidia)
  • A particularly moderate and diplomatic figure with fewer corporate connections, Supreme Chancellor Sheld was considered everything that Oro had not been: a reasonable and approachable individual, seeking a genuine solution to the war that benefited all parties. However, whilst Sheld presided over the Belsmith-Quelli Treaty that ended the Second Outer Rim Conflict, she was particularly derided for the terms of the treaty and subsequent recognition of the ORA as a protectorate, which many in the Republic saw as a betrayal. Sheld stood down after one term, but is remembered more fondly by more recent historians, with Octavus Paralles citing her as a personal inspiration. Nothing has been seen nor heard from Sheld in the years since her premiership.

  • • 1,196 - 1,204 ABY: Gud Pruuva (Sullustan male - from Esseles)
  • An easy-going and pleasant figure, Pruuva is remembered as an ineffectual but crowd-pleasing leader of the Third Republic. Ruled more by his cabinet and committees, Pruuva became infamous for his various affairs, but also his charitable nature, readily investing in numerous schemes that he felt would benefit various groups. It was often rumoured that GalactaWerks and other groups had free reign over the Republic and the Senate during his rule, and it was a surprise when he returned for a second term. He has retired to a family estate on Esseles.

  • • 1,212 - ??? ABY: Octavus Paralles (Human male - from New Alderaan)
  • The incumbent Supreme Chancellor of the Third Galactic Republic, Chancellor Paralles is now in his second term of office. An apologist and mediator, Paralles formed a political alliance with his Senate opponent, Damask Hul, against all expectations, against the backdrop of accusations of administrative corruption and corporate interests controlling the Senate.

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