Reborn Jedi Order

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"From the ashes of chaos and disorder, I reclaim the ancient teaching and ways of the Jedi. Dedication shall be the backbone of this new era of Jedi Knights - The Reborn Jedi Order." - Master Junuun Waay.


    Title of leader: Grand Master
    Governing body: Jedi High Council
    Other positions:
  • Master
  • Knight
  • Padawan
  • Initiate
    Organisations: Jedi High Council, Jedi Shadows, Jedi Templars (secretive internal order, headed up by Grand Master Quellus that utilises the same ranking structure, albeit with "-Templar" as a suffix)
  • Dark Jedi
  • Grey Jedi
  • Rift Jedi
  • Jedi Exiles
  • Sith (Thane & Amare)
    Headquarters: Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Official language(s): Galactic Basic Standard
    Affiliated organizations/governments: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Templars (secretive internal order, headed up by Grand Master Quellus)


    Holy text(s): Old Jedi Code, Reborn Jedi Code
    Deities: The Light Side of the Force

Historical information

    Formed from:New Jedi Order
    Date of founding: 330 ABY (start of reformation), 380 ABY (completed)
    Planet of founding: Coruscant
    Founder: Junun Waay


    Notable members:
  • Junun Waay†
  • Sotah
  • Thurius
  • Rynseh Lahan
  • Bomoor Thort (formerly)
  • Thane (formerly)

Peace shall overcome emotion,

Knowledge shall conquer ignorance,

Serenity shall quell passion,

The Force shall save us from death.

- The Jedi Code (Rewritten 334 ABY)


Master Junun Waay

Founded around 300 years after the battle of Yavin, the Reborn Jedi Order was a re-affirmation of the Jedi’s commitment to peace and protection within the Republic. Jedi Master Junun Waay and several other Jedi masters felt that the Jedi had become too lax – many Jedi no longer held ties to the Republic and far too many had fallen from the path of the light. While a small Jedi Order still existed, it did not serve a great purpose and the Jedi had lost their status of Peace-keepers in the Republic. Master Waay proposed a re-establishment of the Jedi within the Republic to the Senate and was granted the opportunity to gather the Jedi together again and train new Padawans in the name of the Republic.

A new Jedi temple was constructed on Coruscant and the order grew once again under the guidance of a new Jedi council, led by newly-titled Grand Master Waay. The Order was dedicated to eradicating temptation and returning to a time when Jedi were bound to the order and a life of service to the Republic. Therefore, the code was returned to an early form focussing on peace over violence and knowledge over passions.

Now, the order is well-established, albeit smaller than previous incarnations and is known to most simply as the “Jedi Order”. It now trains new force-sensitives from across the Republic and the Jedi claim themselves as the new Guardians of Peace. However, the order is seen as many as a self-righteous organisation that is seen little in the “real world”. The new ways of the Jedi discourage active participation in conflict and matters of dispute. Many Jedi aid in peaceful negotiation for the Republic but take a step back when asked to actually defend their worlds. The future of the order is questionable, but the Jedi council still holds that the order is essential in preventing a return to dark times and chaos.


The Reborn Order believes that a force connection comes with in inherent responsibility to promote peace within the galaxy. In order to achieve this, a Jedi must give up all emotional connections and dedicate themselves to the order – if not, there is great risk of losing one’s self to the dark side.

The Jedi code sums up a Jedi’s view on the force and on life – peace is to be strived towards in the galaxy, but it must first be conquered within ourselves. A Jedi who cannot do this will not apply himself for greater serenity in the galaxy.

Darkness is a constant threat and the Jedi stay watchful for the return of Dark Jedi and Sith. This is the greatest fear of the order.


  • 330 - 589 ABY, 677 - 697 ABY: Junun Waay (Chevin male)
  • Master(s): Forgotten to history

    Apprentice(s): Numerous; Vodan (Yoda's species)

    The first Grand Master of the Reborn Jedi Order and one of the chief architects of both the Grand Proclamation and the Third Galactic Republic that it inaugurated, Junun Waay was a Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order before and during the New Mandalorian Crusade.

    A hesitant combatant during the climactic wars and known critic of the lax tendencies of Luke Skywalker's ailing order, Waay, already venerated and considered a staunch Jedi conservative, had developed a large amount of support for his philosophies and ideals among the few remaining Jedi in the galaxy. His beliefs, truer to the original principles that guided the Old Jedi Order to great success over many millennia, and the Jedi Master himself had garnered enough support during this time to be considered the de facto leader of the Order by the time the war with the Mandalorians had reached its end.

    With the New Jedi Order deemed unfit for purpose and the Galactic Federation Triumvirate effectively disbanded, the charismatic and opinionated Waay successfully petitioned, alongside Senator Valaha (who would become the first of the new Supreme Chancellors of the Galactic Republic) for a massive reformation of the galactic government. Arguing that the Jedi were peacekeepers and inquisitors against the ever-looming threat of the dark side and not politicians, Waay withdrew the Jedi from government and devoted them to upholding the newly-formed Third Republic, reinstituting many of the Old Order's ways, with a renewed focused on a centralised training regime that was dedicated to holding back any new potential Sith threats, never trusting that their phantom menace was ever truly extinguished from the galaxy.

    With the advent of this 'Reborn' Jedi Order, it was a trifling matter for Waay to be appointed the first Grand Master. Wise, kindly-yet-stern, and remarkably patient, the first Grand Master of the Reborn Order trained many apprentices during his initial tenure as head of the Jedi, spending over two hundred years in the post before removing himself to focus on the tutelage of the newer generations. He returned for a shorter, two-decade stint around a century later at the behest of the High Council. He would frequently note how the majority of those that sat upon the Council had been former padawans of his, and it was both a source of great pride and melancholy for the aged Chevin to meet the subsequent leaders of his revised Order, who were often students of his students. Like the revered Grand Master Yoda, it was believed he had had a hand in the training of all Jedi in his prolonged lifespan.

    Waay subsequently died in the sixth century of his life, having transformed the Jedi, rebuilt their infrastructure on Coruscant, and kept the rise of any new dark side threats at bay. So popular and developed were his beliefs, that his philosophies have since been regarded as 'Waayism', with proponents of his hard-line on the dark arts and deviation from the Code considered 'Waayists', the prevailing faction and ideology that typifies the ruling classes of the modern Jedi Order. Numerous statues and designs of his likeness typify Reborn locations, and most Jedi almost deify his memory.

  • 1,000 ABY - 1,035 ABY: Vant Kalun (Devaronian female)
  • Master(s): Vodan (male Yoda's species)

    Apprentice(s): Numerous; Pellito Krik (Lannik male)

    Kalun was trained by the venerated Master Vodan, who, although never accepted the mantle of Grand Master (despite it being offered more than two dozen times during his multimillenial lifespan), was considered the most capable Jedi Master of the Reborn Order in his time, and the closest a padawan could come to having Grand Master Waay as a teacher. Kalun, a studious and serious character with a discrete compassionate streak, was a determined figure throughout her life and career. Quick to ascend to Knighthood and Mastery within the Order, she was one of the youngest to be invited to sit on the Council, but none ever challenged her suitability. Known for making hard decisions in the face of adversity, especially in the wake of the recent First Outer Rim Conflict, Master Kalun was nevertheless considered one of the leading Waayists of her generation, and took a very dim view of those who deviated from the Reborn Jedi Code. It was said that for every apprentice she directly trained, she excised another from the Order. She was never seen to smile.

  • 1,160 ABY - 1,188 ABY: Jaq Thuran (Human male)
  • Master(s): Ilkara Than (Twi'lek female)

    Apprentice(s): Imbard Illingo (Human male); Jamasa (Miraluka female)

    Grand Master Thuran was, in his youth, an outgoing and excitable man; he longed for adventures in the far reaches of the known galaxy, and was known to be liberal in personal relationships with individuals he met during the adventures he pined after. Some great tragedy befell the man, however, during one of his excursions to the Unknown Regions, which was a voyage claimed to be focused on the recovery and destruction of ancient dark side relics - a task Thuran was naturally gifted at, much like his eventual successor, Jundal Quellus. Following this unknown incident, Thuran became a serious and dour figure, erring on the side of caution, where he was once both respected and reviled for his headstrong attitudes. As he eventually ascended to Grand Mastery, his critics that had once lambasted him for his failures to adhere to the Code now critiqued his inability to appropriately manage the increasingly conflicted ranks of the Reborn Order. When, during the crisis that predated the Second Outer Rim Conflict, many Jedi Knights were threatening to join the Outer Rim Alliance, (forming the bulk of what would become the Rift Jedi), many of his opponents laid blame at his feet. A burdened man in his latter years, Master Thuran did not baulk at this responsibility. Accepting his part in this failure of the Reborn Jedi Order, Thuran willingly allowed his connection to the Force to be stripped by his fellow Council members and entered into a self-imposed exile. He has not been seen since.

  • 1,188 ABY - : Jundal Quellus (Chagrian male)
  • Master(s): Vodan (male Yoda's species)

    Apprentice(s): Zam Kessar (Nautolan male); Rynseh Lahan (Cathar male); Thackbal (Mon Cal male); some others

    A well-respected leader of the High Council with a stern and commanding attitude, Quellus was born on the Chagrian homeworld of Champala and was taken by the Jedi Order and trained from infancy, trained by the famous and well-respected Master Vodan. Much of his time as a padawan was spent exploring tomb worlds and looking up accounts of Force relics, himself and Vodan committed to rooting out the dark side trinkets in the galaxy and destroying them.

    He is a staunch Waayist, vehemently opposed to dark side and other Force-using groups, but is nevertheless very invested in the future of the Order, taking close personal interest in the training of new apprentices. A close friend of Supreme Chancellor Paralles and a mover in many circles, Quellus is remembered for his decisiveness in combating the Rift Jedi during the Second Outer Rim Conflict (despite the fact the leader of the Rift Jedi, Zam Kessar, was once Quellus' own padawan).

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