Chapter VI: The Last Bastion

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Whilst their quest against Axion continues, the crew of the Red Raptor are contacted by an old face from Thane and Bomoor's past who has need of their help. As they embark on this unexpected adventure, the group soon discovers that those with imperial ambitions yet remain within the galaxy.

Start Date Tue Oct 22nd, 2019 @ 3:15pm

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Title Timeline Location
Free Öetrago
by Bomoor Thort & Thane & Amare
Six weeks after "Matriarch Framed" Hopü Forest, Öetrago
Long Live the Empire, Part Two
by Valavai Tarses & Bomoor Thort & Thane
Evening (Day Two, Week Four) (After "Long Live the Empire") Grand Moff's Chambers, Disra Palace, Bastion
Long Live the Empire
by Thane & Bomoor Thort & Valavai Tarses
Evening (Day Two, Week Four) Grand Moff's Chambers, Disra Palace, Bastion
Tarses' Game: Fianchetto
by Mentis & Amare & Reave & Kalen "Rex" Vickers & Valavai Tarses
Day Two, Week Four (Continuing on from "Tarses' Game: First Move") Bunker, Bastion
Engines of Heaven: Heathens Among Us
by Bomoor Thort & Thane
Shortly after "'Beware the Jedi'", 1,213 ABY Lander departing JSD Great Manifest (Boundary of the Nea Glarist Blockade, Yutani System, High Promise Sector, Mid Rim
Tarses' Game: First Move
by Kalen "Rex" Vickers & Amare & Mentis & Valavai Tarses
Day Two, Week Four (Continuing on from "Stirrings and Strife") Medical Facility, Bastion
Upon a Stormy Bastion Night
by Thane & Bomoor Thort
Early Evening (Day Two, Week Four) Disra Palace, Palatial District, Ravelin, Bastion
by Bomoor Thort & Thane
Late Afternoon (Day Two, Week Four) Palatial District, Ravelin, Bastion
Stirrings and Strife
by Mentis & Sev Rezer & Amare & Kalen "Rex" Vickers
Day Two, Week Four (In the hours after "Revival and Reconnaissance") Medical Facility, Bastion (Alternate Floor from Thane and Bomoor)
Burden of Command
by Klav Thurn & Sev Rezer
Just after "En route" Sev's Quarters, Jericho
The Council of Moffs
by Thane & Bomoor Thort & Sev Rezer & Valavai Tarses
Day Two, Week Four Disra Palace, Bastion
by Bomoor Thort & Thane & Amare & Valavai Tarses
After "Ghost Ship" Medical Facility, Bastion
Queshtionable Reunion
by Amare
Follows "Queshtionable Intent"; concurrent with " Queshtions and Answers" Capo Wolph's Compound, Quesh
Ghost Ship
by Bomoor Thort & Thane & Amare
Day One, Week Four Red Raptor
Wolph in the Fold, Part II
by Sotah & Bomoor Thort & Amare & Rusasha Djehuti-Lahan & Rynseh Lahan
Mid-Week Three Reborn Jedi High Temple, Coruscant
En Route
by Bomoor Thort & Mentis & Thane & Amare & Reave & Kalen "Rex" Vickers
Day Three, Week Five Red Raptor
The Larger Battle
by Damask Hul & Jela Valla
A few weeks after "Matriarch Framed" Bruta's Office, Mooko City, Öetrago
Wolph in the Fold
by Thane & Bomoor Thort & Amare
Mid-Week Three (Days after "The Invisible Hand") Coruscant
Queshtions and Answers
by Reave & Kalen "Rex" Vickers & Thane & Bomoor Thort & Amare & Mentis
After "Queshtionable Intent" Capo's Base, Quesh
Murder on Level 1313: Serenity, not Dispassion
by Thurius & Sotah
One month after "Splitting the Pack" and "A Life Cut Short", 1,199 ABY Gardens, Reborn Jedi Temple, Coruscant
Matriarch Framed
by Bomoor Thort & Thane & Amare
Two months after "Just Business" Mooko City, Öetrago
Queshtionable Intent
by Kalen "Rex" Vickers & Thane & Bomoor Thort & Amare & Mentis
Start of Week Five, After "Carnival of Rust" Quesh
The Invisible Hand
by Amare & Thane
Early Evening, Mid-Week Three (Days after "She's So Cold") The Invisible Hand Luxury Hotel and Resort, Coruscant
Carnival of Rust
by Reave & Kalen "Rex" Vickers & Thane & Bomoor Thort & Amare & Mentis
Start of Week Five Red Raptor, At Hyperspace (Near Quesh)
Just Business
by Bomoor Thort & Thane & Amare
Week Four, sometime after "Senators and Sinners" Elenca Settlement, Üssina, Öetrago

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