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Kalen "Rex" Vickers

Name Kalen "Rex" Vickers

Position Smuggler

Character Information

Written by Christopher
Title(s) GWM Corporal (formerly)
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Class/Occupation Scoundrel
Affiliation Hutt Cartel
GalactaWerks (formerly)
Alignment +20
Born 1,182 ABY, Tatooine
Homeworld Tatooine
Weapon(s) of Choice DL-18 Blaster "Cindra", and Reave the Mad Jawa (see r'ships below)

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1''
Skin Colour Dark
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A dark-skinned man of just over an average height, Rex has simple features but with distinctive thick mutton chop sideburns that stretch down his cheeks, with a mouth that smiles quickly, and a face that turns away from gloom with ease.
Form of Dress Having worn GalactaWerks uniforms for the early part of his life, Rex has taken to wearing what he wants, when he wants, but it usually comes down to garbing himself in attire suited to multi-purpose tasks, ranging from piloting, engineering and - of course - fighting. Always armed with his lucky DL-18 Blaster Pistol, "Cindra", Rex is always careful to have holsters, belts and pockets ready for whatever equipment he may need, and to improvise on the fly.

Janna, Rex's modified Kuat Crosswave-patroller.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics Right elbow (part of it internally replaced with cybernetic ligaments)

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Captain "Lucky" Rell Demo, Nautolan (deceased), Smuggler
Mentee(s) None
Lover(s)/Partner(s) None
Children None
Father Kalen Vickers Senior (deceased)
Mother Janna Vickers (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Sev Rezer (Mandalorian), business associate
Grogga the Hutt, employer (as well as other Cartel members)

Reave (Jawa), business partner

"Brick" G4-3K (custom G4-series astromech droid), Rex's droid


Music and Themes The Gambler, the Craven, and the Gunslinger (Rex's Theme)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A happy-go-lucky man with a knack for gambling games and the gift of the gab, Rex is intent to not be brought down by other people, having seen enough hardship and suffering in his life to not suffer it any longer, or to inflict it on others. He prefers to do his job, enjoy his life, and spend time with his friends where he can, but will always try to help the common good, should the time permit.

With a great disdain for hefty rules and regulations, Rex has never been one to get on well with the law, although he never goes looking for any trouble himself, nor does he try to start fights, but he is often one of those taken in by law enforcement following a brawl he has become caught in, whether it be someone taking exception to his big win in pazaak, or if he felt the need to defend a young lady's honour. He isn't always the victor, but always prides himself on having the moral victory.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rex is a people person, enjoying time at cantinas with others, whether it to be just to have a few drinks, play a few games or just to catch up, but he is also partial to a good gamble on the races or getting into the race himself, having a great love for machinery and flying - a natural with both the spanner and the joystick. However, this is also a downfall, given he sometimes thinks more of his abilities than are true, and ends up losing all of the money he has won in a single night.

His desire to always look for a good outcome can sometimes mean he holds back from getting involved in things, or refuses to take a side, often annoying both parties involved or deemed cowardly, as although he can win out in a firefight, he is not someone who enjoys fighting or inflicting pain at heart.

Born and raised on Tatooine in a mechanic shop, he has a good grasp of both business and bartering, as well as how to talk his way into someone's good books, or out of trouble.
Ambitions "What everyone else wants: to settle down with a nice girl, have a fast speeder, a fancy ship on a quaint little planet in the Inner Rim. No wars, no politics, just a sexy cantina nearby, and a kriff-load of credits to waste as I like."

This is what Rex will tell most people, although his original ambitions had simply been to get off of Tatooine and make a name for himself, to find a true purpose in the galaxy, which is why he signed up to the GalactaWerks Militia when he was old enough, but his experiences soon changed his mind and he became set on making enough money to not have to work any more, whilst simply enjoying his life.
Interests and Hobbies Ships, speeders, computers, credits, gambling, swoop/podracing, drinking, women - anything that lets him have a good time without getting into too much trouble.
Languages Can speak: Galactic Basic, Huttese

Can understand: Jawaese, Rodese and numerous others needed on the Outer Rim and in Hutt Space.


Fighting Style Generally, he tries not to have one, preferring not to be in the fight in the first place, but he has a surprisingly quick trigger figure for his blaster, and is not afraid to use it on someone who has provoked or endangers him and those he deems worthy of defence.

Rex has some aptitude in the use of blaster rifles and war machinery, from his time in the GWM, but is far happier when wielding a pistol or manning a ship's turret. He has an uncanny ability to find and improvise cover quickly, and then use his surroundings to beat his opponents, hopefully without causing any death. Loss of limb is acceptable.
Notable Abilities An expert with computers, Rex is competent in all manners of interfaces, ranging from hacking to simple maintenance. Equally, he is an able mechanic and pilot, turning his skills to vessels, speeders, weapons and general farm equipment, should the need arise. It is these abilities that also serve him well should he want to deal with a situation without resorting to violence.

He is a remarkable marksman with a blaster - although he likes to play this down, usually out of fear, more than modesty.
Melee Average
Marksmanship Mastered
Lightsaber Unknown/None
Force Sensitivity Unknown
Force Ability Unknown/None
Engineering Very Good
Computers Excellent
Piloting Excellent
Medical Average
Charisma Very Good
Stealth Very Good

History Born on Tatooine in the settlement of Mos Entha to Kalen Vickers Sr and his wife Janna, young Kalen was an adventurous and curious boy who would often go missing for hours on end - particularly when he was supposed to be helping in his father's mech shop - much to the annoyance of his parents, and soon found himself with the nickname "Rex". He was only a young boy when it happened, a smuggler on the run from a local gangster took refuge in the Vickers' shop, holding Janna at gunpoint during the ordeal, but it was not long before the gangster's men caught up with him, and a fight ensued, in which Janna was mortally-wounded, soon dying in her husband's arms.

Rex became determined to make enough money for him and his father to leave Tatooine behind, but Kalen Sr seemed uninterested in leaving the world on which his beloved wife died behind, although he remained quite firmly dedicated to Rex's upbringing, taking a lot of time out to ensure his only son learned his craft and learned it well, having him assemble and disassemble various droids, motors and other machinery on a daily basis. The pair were very close as Rex grew older, but his need for purpose and more than the desert world led him to try more things that gave him a thrill, like gambling in shady cantinas, and getting involved in swoop races, although he always tried to avoid the gangs.

Eventually, the local GalactaWerks Corporation presence became known to him; the company had been trying to set up a small frontier colony to attract the locals into moving out there. In reality, it was set up during the Second Outer Rim Conflict as a way to get unaligned locals to be convinced of joining the GalactaWerks Militia (GWM), advertising it as a way to get off the planet and see the galaxy, and fight the rebellious Outer Rim Alliance, who were flagged as stealing resources and diverting money away from worlds like Tatooine. At the time, Rex was too young to join, but as he grew older, he decided it was a good option. Whilst the conflict had ended by this time, GWM was still recruiting as they pushed further into other territories (having been thrown out of the former ORA worlds), and needed the Militia to assist in the colonisation and establishment of new bases of operations.

Although Rex's father vehemently opposed his son leaving the planet and the business, Rex did so anyway, even with the sadness that spread through his heart. Wanting to see the galaxy and raise enough money to help his father, Rex enlisted within the GWM and was taken to numerous planets GalactaWerks was now taking an interest in. It was not what Rex expected, as he was paid a meagre wage (equipment, food and lodgings were deducted from his wages) and forced into awful situations, often being told to fire on natives who refused to cooperate, cutting down forests and trees, defending from those who tried to stop GalactaWerks from conducting their affairs, and even coming into direct contact with the Rift Jedi on one occasion. Despite how little he earned, he sent most of it back to his father on Tatooine, and used what little else remained on gambling and drinks, to find what little fun he could as his contract prohibited him from leaving.

A corporal in the GWM, it was during an excursion on Rakele IV that his chance to escape this servitude finally presented itself. His squadron was on patrol within the small complex that GalactaWerks had set up for a mining operation when a pack of the native rancors (having apparently been brought to the planet centuries before), an obscurity in itself, attacked. The battle was bloody and Rex lost many good friends, as well as having his right arm almost torn off, and he and one other were the only survivors, although GalactaWerks did not come straight away. For Rex and the other survivor - a Bothan GWM private named Brisck - it was a gift from the gods. They quickly stowed away on the cheap GalactaWerks freighter that was still at the ravaged base and escaped.

They were listed as KIA and the freighter destroyed, but there were rumours of bounties being out on their heads, due to the information they possessed concerning how GalactaWerks conducting their affairs on worlds such as Rakele. Brisck offered Rex a way out, as he knew a Nautolan smuggler named "Lucky" Rell Demo, captain of the G-bit (once known as the Gambit, but the paintwork was shoddy), and a kindly smuggler for the Hutt Cartel. However, Rex first wanted to go to his father on Tatooine, but had found GalactaWerks - or some other party - had got to him first, the shop trashed and the man dead. Bereft with sadness, Rex took what little he could and left with Brisck for Hutt space, where he found a new calling as a smuggler and supplier for Cartel contacts alongside Lucky, running a franchised business of handling technology and weapons for patrons, such as bounty hunters and more simple customers.

Lucky eventually passed away from natural deathstick-related causes, but had built such a strong friendship with Rex that he left him the G-bit (which was a pretty moot point, given it mainly belonged to the Cartel, although he did rename it "Janna", after his mother), where he then continued on as its skipper and conducting the same business as before, operating beneath the noses of the Republic, but never going out of his way to get into conflict; Rex would rather jettison his stuff or hand himself over than cause deaths, although he has been known to enjoy a good chase, or to simply confuse his pursuers. However, he has acquired various certificates and licences that get him some leeway with his computer and weapon merchandise, and his savy concerning the law and a few contacts within GalactaWerks help him when it comes to talking his way out of some inspections and investigations. All in all, he has been a good asset for the Hutt Cartel, even if one of their more moral assets.

Given how GalactaWerks treated him, the way the Republic let them get away with it, and the general manner of the galaxy has led Rex to seek his own way in life, still doing what good he can for the people he meets, but trying to avoid his own direct conflicts; his goal has become to earn his money, live a happier simple life to himself and enjoy his time at the cantinas around the galaxy. Whilst he may not love the Hutt Cartel, they have largely kept out of his business (even tolerating his more passive decisions in his work) and give him his cut where necessary. He has even earned enough respect to more choosy over his clients, but - in truth - he is still as poor as he was at the beginning, still spending most money on his gambles and drinks.

During his adventures, he also came across a plucky Jawa mercenary going by the name of "Reave", a moniker earned courtesy of his aggressive and excessively-violent means of achieving his goals. Rex, having spotted his fellow Tatooinian and knowing more than the average about the diminutive species, was able to save Reave from an unpleasant end in a bar - a habit that seems have become commonplace for the pair, as Reave obsessively protects Rex whilst simultaneously starting most of the fights the pair now become involved in. Even so, Rex has found Reave a useful ally in his business dealings, being a more combat-ready partner-in-crime for their shady endeavours, and a good friend.

Even so, it would take quite something to stir Rex from his simple reverie, to take larger and more genuine action in the galaxy, although there is certainly no doubting his desire to see 'good' triumph in the galaxy over the evil and corruption he sees all about him.

Recent Events

Despite his best efforts at keeping his head down following the fallout on Nar Shaddaa after the battle between the would-be Red Raptor crew, the Cult of Axion and the turf war between Grogga and Zorbo the Hutts, Rex has found himself more in the know than he would usually like.

Having kept strong business relations with Sev Rezer during and after his years as a Jedi hunter, Rex has heard all sorts of stories surrounding the Mandalorian and his new friends - a set of information he soon found to dragging him out of his comfort zone. It all began during a normal pazaak match in one of his favourite haunts on the Smuggler's Moon, The Sarlacc Pit, when an unwelcome newcomer in the form of Mentis dragged him into the saga surrounding the Red Raptor.

Of course, not one to miss an opportunity, Rex was not shy in also dragging Mentis into a matter of his own: the rescue of Reave from the deeply-unpleasant Rynch Seven-Gill, a notorious gangster operating semi-autonomously from the Hutts who had taken the troublesome Jawa hostage - possibly quite reasonably. Even so, not a confrontational man himself, Rex saw it as a good opportunity to free his friend, cover his own involvement in Mentis' madness, and perhaps make some credits on the side, all courtesy of the Dark Jedi's hardwork over his own.