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Market Ambling

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2012 @ 3:01am by Thane & Berry
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Chapter: Chapter I: Web of Fate
Location: Market, Nar Shaddaa
Timeline: Day Two (Following the duel in the alley)
Tags: woodfowl

As he strode quickly away from the scene of the intensive duel with the Dark Jedi, Thane was struggling to shake off the passionate (as well as pure kinetic) energy he had built up through his heavy use of the Vaapad lightsaber form. With all of the confusion and antics of the past couple of days, it had been easy for it to build up so dramatically with him, and the addition of the Rattataki cultist's own emotions being drawn within him through the Form, the Jedi felt both released and restrained at the same time.

The freedom of his emotions and the enjoyment of the battle had been fulfilling for him, but the trepidation that ensued afterwards - the niggling feeling within the back of his psyche - was bothering him, although he was not entirely sure whether it was down to a guilt over his feelings, or simply that he did not get to cut down the Dark Jedi. Shunting his feelings on the incident to one side (as best he could), he continued towards his target, who was now leering at every single foodstuff she could seem to find in the overcrowded marketplace.

"You really don't want that," he remarked to Berry, nodding towards the dirty-looking black slime she was currently inspecting. The oversized Toydarian sat within the stool looked too large to hover using his comparatively small wings, but was still looking with suspicious eyes down his mucus-encrusted snout. "Mulch mould, the Neimoidians call it." Whispering into her ear, he added: "They marinate it with beetle droppings."

Berry pouted suspiciously over at him. "I like beetles, and sometimes they have poop in them, too!" She frowned over at the slime. Eh, but it looked like it had some dirt on it...she sighed and walked on, glancing over at Pale Guy. "What are you doing here, anyway? Aren't you going to after the bad guys?" She wandered over to a stall selling something green. Hopefully it was a vegetable!

"We wouldn't be able to catch them, even with all of Rezer's apparently-amazing Jedi hunting skills," he replied with a sarcastic undertone as he followed her. "Zorbo's ultra-evil lair would be too well defended for us to attack it, anyway; we'll wait until they make their move against Grogga. That way, we can take advantage of the chaos, take this crystal the Hutt has, and then defeat this Master Axion."

"Chuba bedwana ateema?" The Rodian on the opposite side of the stool was demanding of Berry in passable Huttese, his voice, clearly angered by people constantly coming up to his stand and looking, rather than buying. "Creeda! Wamma creeda!" He was pointing one of his green fingers at some of the shrivelled vegetables whilst holding his open palm out to the Near-Human.

Normally, Thane would be annoyed at the Rodian's behaviour, but he found it slightly amusing to see how he was trying to hustle the young visitor. "He's demanding you buy something now," he said, a slight grin trying to tug at one side of his mouth. Despite the nature of Berry's usual persona and behaviour, the thought of actually revealing to her things about the galaxy, the ways of the Force and other aspects that were intrinsic to her development actually gave him a pause for positive thought. It was something he may actually enjoy, but at the same time, he also considered the fact he truly new very little about her - and the warning of the vision was still very fresh in his mind.

Even her failed attempt at contributing to the duel had been an impressive display of raw ability, as well as an eagerness to be involved in such affairs. The Jedi Order would quickly push her away from them, believing such talent and mindset to be dangerous to their way, but Thane felt otherwise. She could be much more than an average Jedi; she could hold views and morality higher than the ones the Jedi believed set in stone, and he truly believed she could make an impact in affairs, should she want to. Already, her knack for getting into peculiar situations was being proven, and whilst Bomoor would explain how this was the will of the Force, Thane was not happy to simply accept that. The Force may provide, but it was down to those with the ability to touch it - the responsibility of those with the ability to touch it - to use it for a true purpose.

"Chuba bedwana!" The Rodian called again, his voice becoming louder, and his finger pointing more aggressively at the sorry excuse for a vegetable, thrusting his open palm even closer to Berry.

Her somewhat serious look at the mention of a crystal dissipated as soon as the Rodian began talking. She grinned at him, pointing into his palm and then at the vegetable. "Well, I can't give you money if these vegetables aren't crunchy! Gimme CRUNCHY."

Then she looked over at Pale Guy, smiling curiously at him. "You need to go prepare for your invasion, so you should go now. BUT not before you tell me what your favorite food is!" She shook her head at a new shriveled bunch the Rodian had unveiled. "Still not crunchy enough!!"

"Wermo!" The Rodian then declared at Berry, annoyed at having shuffled around various different shelves of vegetable selections, throwing down the next bunch onto the stall. He pointed straight into the girl's face before launching into a tirade of Rodese insults.

Thane stepped forward to face the merchant, and began to speak softly but clearly, waving his hand in front of the Rodian. "You are very pleased to have such an entertaining customer this day." The Rodian became placid, and began speaking slowly in his native tongue, seemingly repeating the Jedi's words. "You will take these credits and offer my friend your crunchiest produce." Again, the Rodian repeated Thane's words in his own language, and took some of his credit chips as he offered a selection of vegetables.

The Human looked to his companion. "The power of the Force is extremely influential over the weak-minded and those not privileged to touch or understand it. You aren't one of those. Now," Thane went on, "tell me: what is your real name?"

Berry frowned, her bangs falling across her face as she tilted her head at him. "I asked my question first!" She sighed, then smiled a little impishly at him. "Hey, if you know water magic then why can't you just read my mind? Here, I'll think my name really hard." She squeezed her eyes shut and thought and thought and thought.

Thane let a small smile form as he closed his own eyes, too, and did what he could to interpret the part-Aquar. Whilst he was - like many Jedi - apt at detecting intentions and feelings, directly taking thoughts from another's mind, regardless of how willing they were, was not something he had ever tried to master.

"All I get," he said, finally opening his blue eyes, "is the sound of waves crashing and the disgusting taste of aquatic animals."

She burst into laughter, grinning at Pale Guy. "Guess you're not as cool as I thought you were. My name's Bería Z. Fieros." Then she pointed at him, a pout forming on her face. "But you better call me Berry, 'cause only my grandpa calls me Bería." She crossed her arms, the pout fully formed. "Now tell me what your favorite food is!"

"Roasted Caanan woodfowl," Thane admitted, pleased at Berry's name confession. "It's a type of farmed poultry native to my homeworld of Caanus, a planet in the Outer Rim, near the trade route you said your own planet was close to, but it's not often I get to enjoy the dish. The fact the Jedi Order is so particular about links to our past lives causes me no end of annoyance, but I promise you: it's not something we intend to inflict upon you... Bería." He smirked at her as he said her formal name. Anything he could use against her, particularly given her attitude, was a boon.

"And my name," he went on, with a hint of joking force, "is Thane - not 'Pale Guy'. In truth, Caanus is not a world blessed by heavy sunlight, and so those from there don't tend to be so tanned or attracted to sunbathing."

She laughed again, smiling widely. "Yeah, okay, Thrane." Then she blinked and frowned a little. "And why would I do anything with the Jedi Order? I don't even know what that is!" She popped some of those small wrinkly green things in her mouth and crunched on them, looking very funny with her cheeks stuffed and that pout on her face.

Thane let out a sigh at her insistence of misusing names, but then let his tone become more serious as he guided her away from the market. "Bería, it's very important that you receive proper guidance; you have a natural talent that must be refined and harnessed, and not left to dwindle or... or become dangerous. The Jedi Order - something myself and Bomoor belong to - would not permit this to happen. Whilst we may be a part of it, we do not necessarily agree with their philosophies." He tried to think of a way to explain the situation best to her. "There must be a form of religion on your world, and I'm sure there have been disagreements over it in the past, leading to divides. In the worst cases, actual schisms. Well, myself and my friend take different approaches to the norm. Our peers don't necessarily agree, but it is often the case that very few are truly aware of what is genuinely right; the majority - simply because they are a majority - isn't always correct, but they think they are."

As he watched the green-skinned girl eating her food, he wondered how much of what he was saying was truly getting through to her, and so he finally relented. "For now, it's not overly important for you to know about it, but in the long-term, it will be essential, right? You saw that vision as clearly as I did, and you understand it better than you let on. Bería, you're dangerous, but unlike the Jedi Order, myself and Bomoor do not believe that means ignoring you; we - I - will make sure you can be the best you can be." Thane shuffled his shoulders slightly, moving his red jacket about as they walked before he decided to lighten his tone slightly. "And without the Order always telling you what to do, it means you'll be able to enjoy more dung-covered beetles, but I promise you: that's nothing compared to roasted woodfowl."

Berry's eyes positively gleamed like the brightest star. "Ooooh, that sounds really good..." She swallowed her extra saliva and smiled confusedly at him. "And why am I the dangerous one? If I don't go near the crystals, then everything is okay, right?" She sighed, crossing her arms. "Dreams don't always come true, even though they make me feel bad." The part-Aquar peered at him, frowning slightly. "And you don't always feel so good, either. If you had woodfowl I'd come along, but..." She shuddered just the slightest, her expression dimming. All those bad feelings, even from, it was better if she stayed away.

"Bería," Thane began, struggling to consider what to say to the young Force Sensitive, pausing their walk to step over to the side of the platform that the market was set upon. "Things are a little more complicated than simple good and bad feelings."

Like most of Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant and other city-worlds, there were many tiers of platforms that served as levels, for various businesses, homes and - more often than not - methods of self-transport such as walking. Where they now were, they were about two-thirds of the way up the nearest tower building, and both below and above them, hundreds of speeders and cars were hurrying about. Fumes and noises engulfed the entire region, industrial sounds as well as shouting from the marketplace.

Thane abhorred the place, but he still drew some strength from the power of so many sentients about him, even the smallest connection to the Force marking their presence and strength. It would be easy to indulge so much of one's base self here, and, in a way, the Rattataki Dark Jedi had allowed Thane to do that very thing a short while ago.

"I won't deny my darker instincts, my inclination towards violence and the pleasure I take from battle, but I choose to use those qualities - regardless of whether they are 'light' or 'dark' - for a greater purpose." Thane placed his hands on the balcony, looking all about him as he spoke. "Had I not drawn on my darkness, but rather tried to deny it and push it down, I may not have survived. More importantly, others could have died, as well. I was doing what I had to do as a utilitarian - for the most good the situation could give. Again, the Jedi would deny the worth in that; they would say it will lead me to wreak destruction and that it will lead me to give into base instincts, to profit from others' suffering. Instead, I argue it allows me to do my job better." He shrugged. "It's a point of view, but I have evidence in my favour. Your feelings may serve you well, but you should also use this." He tapped his head, indicating his brain. "You are not a servant of the Force - it does not command you, but merely advises. In the end, you can listen, but you must decide what is the right thing. You - unlike so many - have that ability." He then rethought that. "Or, rather, you will."

Berry nodded in agreement. “Yes, it is up to me,” she said simply. Her brows furrowed as she frowned in thought. “And you're right, water magic only tells me things. I gotta make up my own mind." Her head tilted back and forth as her brain was being used. Well, Thrane here had a lot knowledge on water magic, as well as Bombom. They were going to do something good, which was getting that crystal away from the bad guys. But this guy here...she eyed him with a serious expression, her thoughtful frown a borderline pout. She sized him up, from his grimy shoes, to his sweaty brown hair (and pale skin, of course). He was strong, stronger than her. These strange water-magic people off of Velusia all seemed to be. Which made it...the perfect arena!

Her frown started to reverse. "Fine," Berry finally said after a few moments. "I want to leave this stinky place, but first, I want to help you fight the bad guys." She sighed. "I know I'm gonna get in the way, but..." She smiled defiantly at him. "Can you deal with it...Thrane?" Her smile was a bit impish, the mistake quite purposeful this time.

"If I couldn't," he began, "I'd be a pretty damn awful master, wouldn't I?" Whilst his smile dwindled, his demeanour remained more calm than before, pleased at the first steps he had taken with his would-be apprentice. And so the pair set off together, preparing for the inevitable battle that now stood before them.


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