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Name Sotah

Position Jedi Master

Character Information

Written by Christopher
Title(s) Master
Gender Male
Species Selkath
Age 70
Class/Occupation Jedi Consular
Affiliation Reborn Jedi Order
• Jedi High Council
Third Galactic Republic
Alignment +45
Born 1,148 ABY, Manaan
Homeworld Manaan
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Blue)

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Skin Colour Blue
Weight 11st
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Very typical of his species, Master Sotah does not stand out from other Selkath in any way, unless one knew him well enough to tell his patterns apart.
Form of Dress Sotah adorns himself in the typical Jedi garb, although prefers a blue variant on the standard Jedi cloak.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics None

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Master Adul Nann (Sullustan, Jedi Master)†
Mentee(s) Loren† (Human, Jedi Padawan) - killed by Thane on Jericho, 1,217 ABY (cause of death unknown to Sotah/public)
Thane (Human, Jedi Padawan)
Lover(s)/Partner(s) None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Master Thurius (Close friend: Cerean, Jedi Master)

Jedi Knight Rusasha (informal student; apprentice of Loren)


Music and Themes Consular (Sotah's Theme)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very calm and collected individual, Sotah is an example of a wise and venerable Jedi Master. His tones are always quiet, his words well-chosen and often punctuated with a friendly sense of humour, although within this wise exterior lies an inner will of iron and determination.
Strengths & Weaknesses Master Sotah is very slow to anger, and quick to look for the best in people, always seeking to bring it out and make people the most they can be, which has led him to being a very successful mentor to those usually resistant, headstrong and aggressive.

He always listens to points being made, and will always do his utmost to aid.
Ambitions Sotah's ambitions lie in bringing the best out of people, both Jedi and non-Force Sensitive, although he realises the importance in ensuring Force Users do not fall into darkness and abuse their powers. He would hope the entire Jedi Order could be calm, collected and wise, knowing when and when not to involve themselves.
Interests and Hobbies Training others and expanding his understanding of the universe; Sotah spends a lot of time immersing himself in nature (making him good friends with many Ithorians), and a proponent of the Living Force ideal. Much of his time, when not serving in usually diplomatic functions, is dedicated to assisting those at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
Languages Can Speak: Selkatha, Basic. Can Understand: Many


Fighting Style Although skilled enough in the use of the lightsaber, Master Sotah prefers not to get into a conflict, but when in such a position, he employs a two-handed defensive stance, opting to parry his opponent until he can pull of feints, which give him openings to use his potent Force abilities, ending the conflict without having to dismember his enemy.
Notable Abilities Most of the neutral and light-sided abilities that engage with life and the Force are an open book to the Selkath Jedi; he uses Telekinesis with ease, can manipulate minds with little more than a thought of his own, and is able to interact with and urge wildlife to his cause with a simple gesture.
Melee Good
Marksmanship Very Poor
Lightsaber Very Good
Force Sensitivity Very Good
Force Ability Excellent
Engineering Good
Computers Average
Piloting Average
Medical Excellent
Charisma Very Good
Stealth Poor
Specific Skills/Abilities • Form I (Shii-Cho): Excellent
• Form II (Makashi): Good
• Form III (Soresu): Excellent
• Form IV (Ataru): Average
• Form V (Shien/Djem So): Very Good
• Form VI (Niman): Poor
• Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): Very Poor

• Mind Trick: Excellent
• Calm/Control Animal: Mastered
• Force Push/Pull: Excellent

History Born on Manaan in 1,148 ABY, Sotah was taken at a very young age to the Reborn Jedi Order, but he retained a love of the ocean, swimming and nature in general, which made him a peculiar padawan for Jedi Knight Adul Nann, a Sullustan whose Force ability allowed him to achieve magnificent feats of engineering and technical expertise, but the pair became good friends, often enjoying showing the other of the beauty of their particular interests.

At the age of nineteen, Sotah passed his Jedi Trials and ascended to Knighthood, at which point he found himself being assigned to the Temple, given his love of training others and learning of the Living Force. Whilst he was not always in full agreement with the Jedi Code, he nevertheless did not believe the Jedi were therefore wrong, and that it stopped one from being a capable Jedi themselves.

His calm demeanour and accepting nature made him popular with other Jedi, particularly apprentices, but he continually turned down offers for padawans, preferring to aid many and continue his own learning.

Sotah was close friends with another Knight, Thurius, a Cerean, whom he often engaged in missions with. Thurius took on an apprentice and urged Sotah to do likewise, but it was not until the Selkath heard of a troubled student - a human woman named Loren - that he finally made his decision.

Having suffered several brushes with the dark side, Loren was about eleven years old, and had been passed up by two masters, and was being considered to be discharged from the Order by the Council when Sotah interceded, convincing them to allow him to take her on as his padawan, promising that if he failed, she would then be at the Council's mercy again.

Loren spent many years as Sotah's padawan, reaching a more advanced age than many before attempting her Knight Trials, but her quick-to-anger and stubborn nature meant it took longer for her to quell such feelings and flourish as a Jedi. Nevertheless, through expert patience, wisdom and kindness, Sotah managed to teach his apprentice and newfound friend patience and calm, to control her emotions and seek to apply herself positively. Whilst she always struggled with her nature, she began to excel, until she - and the rest of the Jedi Order - were faced with a massive challenge in the shape of the Second Outer Rim Conflict.

With many Jedi actually joining the Outer Rim Alliance - as the "Rift Jedi" - many challenges did the Order face. At first, it was a simple matter of trying for peace, and getting involved in conflicts where necessary, but the addition of the Rift Jedi caused a stir. ORA was now stronger, and a heavy pressure was put on the Order to assist them, but this meant pitting Jedi against other light-sided Jedi. Whilst some did engage the Rift Jedi, others refused, and some left the Order outright. Sotah was one of the former, alongside his padawan.

The two fought side-by-side, even engaging other Jedi (although they tried to refrain from killing their former allies), and Loren faced many demons, before Sotah finally put her forward for her Trials, where she successfully ascended to Knighthood. They served together until the resolution of the conflict, when Loren finally parted ways to pursue her own avenues within the Order.

Three years following this incident, and both he and Thurius had new apprentices. Having been elevated to the level of Jedi Master for his good deeds and wisdom, Sotah was an obvious choice to train the troubled youth Thane, who showed great Force potential, but had recently had his family torn apart, and had tremendous anger. Equally, Thane had also been partially-trained by the Jedi Exile, Dora-Sul, a Kel Dor who had left the Order years before, but known to be a capable Jedi Master. Sotah accepted Thane as his apprentice, another human as his padawan.

The years that followed were spent trying to temper Thane's aggression and anger, but it was not so simple as with Loren. Whilst Thane had a temper, much of his anger derived from ideologies and a disdain for the Republic and the Order's structure, but he nevertheless aimed to do well, particularly when working with his friend, Thurius' new padawan, a young Ithorian named Bomoor Thort.

The four would frequently go on missions together, exploring the galaxy and interchangeably assisting each other's apprentices. Sotah found he had much in common with Bomoor, but had developed a close and friendly bond with the righteous and opinionated Thane, eventually supporting his bid to undergo the Trials, which he succeeded in, despite many of his tendencies.

With both of his padawans now Knights, Sotah returned to the Temple to indulge himself with his hobbies more, engaging with the new youth of the Order, as well as learning more of the Living Force, and whilst he had some years of peace at the Coruscant Temple, he was soon invited to join the Jedi High Council, and offer he did not refuse.

Star Wars: A New Age

Whilst Sotah was understanding of why Thane resigned from the Jedi Order, his apprentice's decision weighed heavily on the kindly Selkath. Beyond this, of course, doubt began to be cast over Sotah for whatever part he may have played in Thane's decision. This was only incensed by the subsequent death of Loren (with the true details of this unknown to Master Sotah) and the resignation of Bomoor Thort, Thurius' apprentice.

With the growing power of the likes of Rynseh and the more obvious suspicious figures within the Jedi Council that support Quellus' vision for their Order, Sotah and Thurius have been increasingly sidelined and even left out of Council meetings. Whilst Sotah has yet to openly defy the Council or work against their ultimate interests, he has since encouraged Loren's apprentice, the Cathar Rusasha (and daughter of Jedi Master Rynseh Lahan), to seek out the truth behind Thane's decisions, and do what she can to understand the fallen Jedi and support them in their own quest against the Dark Master Axion.