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Name Loren†

Position Jedi Knight

Character Information

Written by Christopher
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 47
Class/Occupation Jedi Sentinel
Affiliation Third Galactic Republic
Reborn Jedi Order
• Jedi Shadow
Alignment +20
Born 1,170 ABY, Coruscant
Died 1,217 ABY, Jericho - killed by Thane
Homeworld Coruscant
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Yellow)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10''
Skin Colour White
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Taller than the average woman but not overly, Loren has an athletic and well-toned figure, perfectly designed for nimble combat and stealth. Her brown hair is kept loose bar some Jedi braids, and has a narrow and attractive face with thin eyebrows.
Form of Dress Loren wears a brown all leather outfit with firm gloves that is form-fitting and is well-suited to stealth operations, but is designed to move easily in combat. In addition, she sometimes adorns a typical brown Jedi cloak over the top of her usual wear.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics None.

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Sotah (Selkath, Jedi Master)

Numerous failed masters before Sotah.
Mentee(s) Rusasha Lahan (Cathar, Jedi Consular)
Lover(s)/Partner(s) None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Thane (Human, Former Jedi), trained by Master Sotah


Personality & Traits

General Overview A determined woman with a mischievous streak, Loren was once regarded as one of the most troublesome and difficult Jedi Padawans of recent years, yet has turned this into a stern yet understanding and capable persona, not easily beaten and always looking to make the most out of any situation with a genuinely kind heart.
Strengths & Weaknesses Having suffered from selfish tendencies and angry ways, Loren may now be a more balanced person but her impatience can be known to get the better of her. Luckily, she is no longer self-centred or self-pitying, having developed empathy for others who struggle against adversity, yet may sometimes be seen as heavy-handed.
Ambitions Loren appears to have no ambitions bar serving her duty and enjoying her life.
Interests and Hobbies Serving the Jedi Order is all that now seems to matter to Loren. Whilst she makes time for friends and training, she spends most of her time on assignments, but this is not to say she is blindly obedient to the Jedi Council or their ways, harbouring many resentments towards much of their ways, but ultimately believing in their purpose.
Languages Basic and can understand various others


Fighting Style With a strong yet fluently graceful fighting style, Loren makes for a great swordsman, relying more on speed than power, yet still able to throw some powerful swings when necessary. Typically, Loren looks to disarm her opponents by whatever means she can, yet is not above ending their lives when the alternatives are scarce.
Notable Abilities Loren is quick to make friends when she wants to, as well having perfected the art of making enemies, too. Preferring to keep to herself and the shadows, she is skilled at confusing opponents' minds and blending in with her surroundings.

With her lightsaber usage, Loren prefers the Shien stance of Form V, focusing more on defence and quickly slipping away, but has managed to develop her usage of Shii-Cho into a more advanced and capable form, not making her so much of an inventive combatant but certainly a challenging opponent.
Melee Good
Marksmanship Poor
Lightsaber Very Good
Force Sensitivity Unknown
Force Ability Very Good
Engineering Average
Computers Poor
Piloting Very Good
Medical Average
Charisma Good
Stealth Excellent
Specific Skills/Abilities • Force Telekinesis: Very Good
• Force Speed: Excellent
• Mind Trick: Very Good
• Force Shadow: Good

• Form I (Shii-Cho): Very Good
• Form II (Makashi): Average
• Form III (Soresu): Good
• Form IV (Ataru): Average
• Form V (Shien/Djem So): Very Good
• Form VI (Niman): Good
• Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): Poor

History A Coruscanti orphan, Loren spent her earliest years wandering the Undercity, avoiding gangs and surviving any way she could. Much of her memory from this time is forgotten, but she never forgot her survival instincts, although when she was discovered by the Jedi she was very resistant, not trusting the free food or offer for help. As such, she spurned the first three masters who attempted to take her on, and was looking likely to be expelled by the Jedi Order, having become incredibly self-pitying and lonesome.

Eventually, a Selkath Consular, Sotah, took Loren under his wing as he listened to what she had to complain about, and took his time to work with her problems, as well as convincing her of some that were clearly imagined, rather than genuine difficulties.

Spending more time at a Padawan level than most, Loren nevertheless grew to be a very rounded individual with headstrong tendencies and a strong moral code under Sotah, learning to respect the Selkath and cherish his wisdom.

Her time to shine truly came during the Second Outer Rim Conflict against the ORA and Rift Jedi. Whilst hesitant to kill her fellow Jedi and former comrades, she served with distinction alongside her master, displaying clear signs of maturity and understanding, eventually leading to Sotah putting her forward for her Jedi Trials, which she passed, with the Council acknowledging her dedication to the Order, Jedi principles and the Republic.

The years following her ascension to Jedi Knight were marked with several successful assignments for the Council, often involving breaching security, infiltration and maintaining some hidden presence in particular affairs, earning her a reputation as a woman who could get a job well done and cleanly. Frequently, she would return to spend time with her old master and his new apprentice, Thane, who had many parallels to when she was his age.

As a result, she and the other young Human developed a strong sibling-esque friendship, despite the age difference, and Loren was even permitted to take Thane on a number of assignments with her, when the Council allowed it. This remained true even as Loren took her own padawan, the Cathar illegitimate daughter of the believed-dead enigmatic Rynseh Lahan, Rusasha, with whom she forged a close bond, even as Ru developed her own talents as a Jedi Consular, like Loren's own master. Ru was encouraged to take her Jedi Trials just prior to Loren's last mission, in which she successfully ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Loren was eventually sent by the Council to follow Thane, Bomoor and their allies as they went about their mission, to ensure they kept to their objective and their loyalties. After they were captured on Jericho, Loren entered the Force-negating field of the Exile base and discovered the pair had come across Sith holocrons. After they were freed, she saw the darkness within Thane and sought to escape as the Force returned to them. Before she could escape, Thane caught up to her and cut her down after they failed to convince the other to do elsewise.