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Intercult Rivalry

Posted on Mon Oct 1st, 2012 @ 8:07pm by Mentis & Nala Sao & Trey†

Chapter: Chapter I: Web of Fate
Location: Casino Zorb, Nar Shaddaa
Timeline: Following "Dark Tidings"


Instead of going towards the window, Axion moved to settle himself into one of the luxuriously large and comfortable seats Zorbo had adorned the penthouse with, a large cylindrical glass of green liquid already awaiting the Dark Jedi Master.

After taking a sip, Axion waved his hand. "Leave now, and do not return until you have faced these Jedi in combat, and know that failure will be met by severity on my part." With a sardonically sick smile, he watched as the two departed, the mix of fear and rage bubbling within Mentis matched only by Trey's ambition and sadism. With his drink clasped firmly in his hand, Axion knew that - even with the odd setback - no mere Jedi could prevent the Cult from winning Zorbo this war against Grogga... and the bounty the Human sought.


"How sweet," came a purring and sultry voice from the side of the door leading from the casino's penthouse lift, "Mentis has found himself a playmate". As with the rest of the VIP sections of Zorbo the Hutt's primary establishment, the walls and carpets were a deep red with gold highlights, with luxurious paintings from across the galaxy adorning the walls.

Stepping in front of Trey and Mentis, Nala Sao's face was one of derision and disdain. She had long been the favoured apprentice of Axion, Master of the Cult, having been taken as a baby by the Dark Jedi to be trained specifically as his protege. Indeed, she was the most capable of all of the Cult of Axion, dedicated to the cause and every bit as entrenched in the dark side as the rest, save for her Master himself. Like him, though, she was adept in the art of mind manipulation, both at influencing and draining energy and thought from those she wished. The rest of the Cult was also well aware of her abilities to blend into the shadows - they gave her a wide berth, both out of fear and respect.

"This one is new," the Nautolan said, slowly moving up to Trey, "but a pretty little thing." Her pale red eyes closed as she placed a slender hand upon the Human's face, and she appeared to take a deep breath. "And strong with the dark side..." And then her voice became sterner, and she pulled away, a few crackles of electricity jumping from her fingers upon Trey's cheeks, but nothing to cause damage. She looked to Mentis. "And what is he doing here?"

Trey managed a blush on his cheeks as he smiled confusedly at the Nautolan. He scratched his head as he asked, "Shouldn't we ask you the same thing?" He shrugged, smile now faint and mysterious at her. "Like I told Axion, if you get such a hard-on from Jedis why aren't you running after 'em instead?" A hint of a smirk lurked behind his innocent smile, and he looked at Mentis as if they shared a joke.

"I am Axion's chosen," Nala replied with any hint of seduction or mirth gone, a rare instance for the voluptuous assassin. "I have trained at his side since before you were born, whatever ditch that may have been." She brought herself close to Trey's face, completely ignoring Mentis now. "You are just an arrogant piece of slime that has crawled his way into the Cult because of this." She give the doubled-bladed lightsaber hilt a quick brush of her hand. "You are nothing compared to my power, and don't think you can forever delude Axion into believing anything otherwise."

Trey's eyes widened, giving her a child-look gaze of wonder. "You're bigger than me??" He leaned in, face inches away from hers as he smirked faintly, whispering, "We should compare later in private." Then he gave her a wink, chuckling.

In a surprising show of strength, Nala's hand shot up about Trey's neck tightening around his throat and lifting him a few inches off of the ground, the dark side fuelling the strength in her arms. "Soon you'll be able to compare neck sizes with poor decapitated Grath," she warned, venom thick in her voice as her grip grew tighter yet. Calling upon the darkness within her, she began to try and drain Trey's energy directly from him, and although she succeeded in causing some discomfort, his own natural ability in the Force stopped her from going too far.

Satisfied enough, Nala let him drop to his feet again, his skin slightly paler than before.

Trey adjusted his shirt, his eyes heavy-lidded as he gazed at her. "Only if you help." He sounded quite sleepy, as if sated...but his eyes wanted more. He ran a hand through his messy hair and smiled to the side, absently touching his neck where she held him, almost caressing it. Why resort to the Force when you can get some good old skin-on-skin? He sighed.

Mentis sneered. He had been enjoying Trey's pain at the hands of his fellow acolyte, "If we can stop playing around for a moment, the new boy and I were given a mission to do by the master. We cannot go against his will, even if it upsets you Nala."

He looked down at Trey, still smirking as he rose to his feet. The Ratattaki snorted, "I hardly like this arrangement either - sharing with this half-wit."

Mentis and Nala shared a friendship-of-sorts within the cult - having been trained together. He respected her power and influence in the cult and did not want to appear weak towards her. Like her, he could sense the dark strength of the human - he feared it but hid his fear as best he could in the face of his comrade.

Trey shrugged, smiling at Mentis. "You don't think I feel the same way?" He glanced over at Nala, smile widening as if he thought of the greatest joke ever. "So do we have your approval Mentis desperately desires, oh Chosen One of the Purple-Handed Axion?"

It was still peculiar for Nala to be without her seductress personality engaged as she continued onwards with her visage of contempt and disdain. "My approval is hardly needed, but you shall speak more highly of the Master." The Nautolan let her hand rest upon her own lightsaber hilt, which was obviously cleaned and polished regularly as it glinted with her every move. "Or you shall suffer the consequences."

Physically pushing Trey backwards, Nala looked to Mentis and grasped one of his hands, firmly but gently. Although unseen, she passed on what sliver of energy she had managed to steal from Trey. Although not strictly a technique prioritised by dark-siders, it would nevertheless be worthwhile if it meant Mentis could possibly end Trey before he became anything more. Nala hoped Mentis would understand the gesture.

Ending the connection and running the back of a slender finger against the pale white-skinned Ratattaki cultist, she stepped into the lift they had just left to see Axion herself.

Trey smiled faintly at her, twiddling his fingers in a farewell. After the doors closed, he continued smiling at the lifts, then lazily looked over at Mentis, licking his lips. His eyes glittered again. "Where's the nearest fresher?"

Mentis scowled at Trey once again - allowing the energy from Nala to pulse through him. He would do all he could to disgrace this fool and to please Axion and Nala, "Find them yourself, fool!" he growled, "I'm going ahead so don't make me wait."


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