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Over one thousand years since the historic Battle of Yavin, the THIRD GALACTIC REPUBLIC reigns.

It has been generations since the Galactic Civil Wars; the empires of old have fallen into history and the galaxy has returned to the old status quo - but all is not well.

Successive generations of weak leaders, internal conflicts and the feebling REBORN JEDI ORDER have left the galaxy fragile and open to tyranny, as darkness spreads and threatens to end the tentative peace.

In the darkest reaches of space, the evil CULT OF AXION seeks out the famed KAIBURR SHARDS and their mythological power.

A group of unlikely heroes has launched a daring mission to stop them, before they plunge the galaxy into a new age of suffering...

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Included Chapters

Chapter I: Web of Fate

Post Count: 35

On the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa, deep in Hutt space, destiny spins a web of fate that draws several unlikely figures from across the galaxy and different walks of life together. Their reasons personal but their goal unanimous, they set forth to skirmish with a new menace dawning upon the horizon.

Chapter II: Era's Dawn

Post Count: 41

Brought together by a peculiar twist of fate, the unlikely group have escaped Nar Shaddaa following their tangle with the evil Cult of Axion, who plot to empower themselves and dominate. Aboard the procured Red Raptor, the band make way for Coruscant, the Republic's capital, to report, restock and recuperate, before finally setting off in search of the duplicitous Dark Jedi.

Chapter III: Relics

Post Count: 38

In their first move to hunt down the powerful Kaiburr crystal shards and stop the megalomaniacal Cult of Axion, the misfit crew of the Red Raptor make way for the Deep Core world of Tython, the supposed "Birthplace of the Force". Home to scores of ancient temples - both light and dark-sided - the group hope to find some ancient scrap of knowledge that may aid them in their quest.

Chapter IV: Rezer's Edge

Post Count: 68

Three months following the events on Tython, Thane and Bomoor have been captured whilst following a lead concerning a shady criminal organisation with ties to the Cult of Axion based on the former Imperial penal colony of Jericho, led by the merciless Mandalorian renegade Zrad Rezer - Sev's cousin - and the man they must defeat if they hope to escape with their lives. If their allies do not come for them in time, the pair may be left at the mercies of these ruthless brigands.

Chapter V: Unbound

Post Count: 136

Still shaken from the climactic events of Jericho, the crew of the Red Raptor follows the trail of another Kaiburr shard. With Berry and Morgo having departed, Thane and Bomoor - now both fugitives of the Reborn Jedi Order - discover yet another unlikely ally in their quest against Axion. However, will she and her new friends prove resilient enough to withstand the trials of the ancient Sith world of Korriban?

Chapter VI: The Last Bastion

Post Count: 85

Whilst their quest against Axion continues, the crew of the Red Raptor are contacted by an old face from Thane and Bomoor's past who has need of their help. As they embark on this unexpected adventure, the group soon discovers that those with imperial ambitions yet remain within the galaxy.