The Sim

1. Cockpit (Passenger Ramp)
2. Navicomputer
3. Thane's Cabin (Pilot's Cabin)
4. Recreation Room/Galley
5. Engine Rooms/Cargo Ramp (Reave's Residence)
6. Refreshers
7. Zenarrah's Cabin
8. Amare's Cabin
9. Mentis' Cabin
10. Rex's Cabin
11. Guest/Empty Cabin
12. Bomoor's Cabin
13. Strategy Room
14. Primary Cargo Hold
15. Workshop/Armoury
16. Vault
17. Training Room
18. Medical Bay/Laboratory

The Vault

Built to order following Thane and Bomoor's acquisition of the kaiburr shard they seized during the fateful Battle of Jericho, the Vault aboard the Red Raptor was constructed to bespoke specifications by independent fabricators, experts within their fields. Funded through Thane's previously-untapped Caanan accounts, operating under his Sith pseudonym, Serus, the Vault's structure is forged from the lightest and most durable materials available on the market, barely legal in even military circles. Impervious to most sensors and reinforced around its perimeter and heavy-duty vacuum-sealed door, the Vault is a marvel of modern engineering - a stark contrast to the rest of the Raptor's more modest aesthetics.

Catalogue IdentifierDescriptionReference Image
Holocron of Darth BaneA Sith Holocron, containing the gatekeeper and teachings of Darth Bane, found in Grogga’s vault on Nar Shaddaa.
Holocron of Darth KraytA Sith Holocron, containing the gatekeeper and teachings of Darth Krayt, acquired from the embarrassing and crazed remnants of the One Sith on Tython.
Kaiburr Shard (Jericho)A palm-sized chunk of the Kaiburr crystal, once hidden inside an obsidian statue of the Hapan Queen Mother, which then came into the possession of Mandalorian Exiles on Jericho. This was later seized by Bomoor Thort during the Battle of Jericho.
Kaiburr Crystal/Heart of Typhojem (Korriban)An ornate Kaiburr crystal, previously set into the Bastard Hammer, owned by Hazzarah, an ancient Pureblood Sith King. It is believed to originate from Korriban's earliest history, linked to the fabled Left-Handed God, Typhojem, whose effigies bear a remarkable resemblance to the Mimban 'God of Kaiburr" Pomojema. This jewel, whilst believed to be smaller than the original unadulterated Kaiburr crystal, is believed to be from the same period of pre-history.
Tomes of Darth CabalThe collated writings of the crazed Sith sorcerer, Darth Cabal, found on the Caanan moon of Vaa following the defeat of his spectre.
Lightsaber (Darth Krayt)The original Jedi lightsaber of Darth Krayt (formerly known as A'Sharad Hett), decorated with tribal beads of the Tusken Raiders. It was found in a secret room in XoXaan’s temple on Korriban
Old Empire HelmetAn ancient helmet dating back to around the time of the First Galactic Empire, found in a secret room in XoXaan’s temple on Korriban.
Collection of Old TomesA selection of rare tomes on a variety of different topics, many of which were obtained from a Givin’s Bookshop on Sheva by Thane and Zaracoda. Some of the tomes are personal additions from Thane and Bomoor's own collections, gathered during their time both during and after their Jedi careers. Of note, there is a trilogy of volumes belonging to Thane, detailing and examining the military campaigns of the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn, of the First Empire.
Case of Corellian Spiced WineA case of expensive vintage wine blended with Corellian mulling spices. It has a sweet aroma and a rich crimson colour. Favoured and purchased by Thane.
Crystal FurnaceAn ancient, compact crystal furnace used by the One Sith for artificial lightsaber crystal synthesis. It was located in a secret room in XoXaan’s temple on Korriban.