Glee Anselm

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Glee Anselm

"Go west, young lady. Always go west." - A crazy old Nautolan sage who ran a vacation island gift shop that Zaracoda Wolph remembered.

Basic Information


    Region: Mid Rim
    Sector: Jalor sector
    System: Glee Anselm System
    Suns: 1
    Moons: 1
    Grid coordinates: J-7
    Rotation period: 33 standard hours
    Orbital period: 206 local days


    Class: Aquatic
    Diameter: 15,600km
    Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable)
    Climate: Tropical to temperate
    Gravity: Standard
    Primary terrain:
  • Lakes
  • Patchy islands
  • Swamps
  • Seas
  • Tidal Pools
  • Wetlands
    • Points of interest:
    • Sabilon


      Native species: Nautolans, Anselmi
      Immigrated species: Various
      Primary language(s): Anselmian, Nautila
      Government: Republic council
      Population: 7 billion (75% Nautolan, 15% Other, 10% Anselmi)
      Demonym: Nautolan/Anselmi
      Major cities: Pieralos
    • First Galactic Republic
    • First Galactic Empire
    • Second Galactic Republic
    • Third Galactic Republic
    • Outer Rim Alliance (non-member; supporter during Second Outer Rim Conflict)
    • Glee-Namadii Star Collective (loose Nautolan-led federation)


      Title of Leader(s):First Lawspeaker
      Current Leader(s): ??
        Current Senator: Jalor sector senator
        Other notable leaders :??
        Notable natives: Zaracoda Wolph/Lady Amare (Sith apprentice), Zennarah Sozo (Jedi Knight), Zam Kessar (Rift Jedi Commander)


      The capital of the Glee-Namadii Star Collective, a loosely-organised federation of worlds and enterprises dominated by the Nautolan species, Glee Anselm is an ocean world home to two native species: the dominant Nautolans, who have spread far and wide in the galaxy, becoming one of the most populous sentient species in the known world, and the less populous Anselmi, secondary to the Nautolan cousins.

      The planet's surface is largely covered in water or swamps, with only a few clear landmasses dotting its surface. The planet has very frequent season changes, causing it to be ravaged by intense storms with some of them turning cyclonic. The climate is moderate most of the standard year round, although it has been increasingly industrialised in recent generations, owing to the world's increasing cultural and economic significance within the wider galaxy.


      The Second Outer Rim Conflict (1,189 ABY - 1,195 ABY)

      When the Second Outer Rim Conflict between the Third Republic and secessionist resurgent ORA began in 1,189 ABY, Glee Anslem and its affiliated Glee-Namadii Star Collective were slow to declare for either side, with many Nautolans falling on either side of the conflict. Having worked hard to prioritise Nautolan business interests over the encroaching power and investment of GalactaWerks and its affiliates, the Collective followed Glee Anselm's lead by initially remaining independent, although it found its supplies in high demand within the Alliance. Finding some comradeship with the species of the Alliance and wary of GalactaWerks' heavily involvement with the Republic, they only stopped short of outright declaring their support for the Alliance.

      Given their reluctance to aid the Republic and willingness to support the Alliance, sanctions were eventually imposed upon Glee Anslem and the Collective by the galactic state and its economic plutocrats. This finally prompted the Nautolans to declare their allegiance to the Alliance and secede from the Republic, thus beginning the Glee Anselm Revolts, between 1,190 ABY and 1,194 ABY. During this time, Glee Anslem and the Collective worlds provided large fighting forces for the Alliance war machine, but found their own world variously occupied and liberated, causing significant loss of life and damage to the Nautolan homeworld. Eventually, with the Collective being a primary focus of GalactaWerks (partly as competitors), Glee Anslem was forced to surrender one year before the war's formal conclusion.

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