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"Much of Irrikut is now lush and teeming with life, alive and brilliant to behold with both one's eyes and within the Force. There is even an ancient Jedi enclave there, abandoned but for the few Knights and their errant cousins who know of its existence and appreciate their solitude." - Thane during Zaracoda's first lesson on the Force in Irrikut's polar region.

Basic Information


    Region: Mid Rim
    Sector: Semagi sector
    System: Aratox System
    Suns: 1: Aratox
    Orbital position: 3
    Moons: 1: Aratan
    Grid coordinates: I-16
    Rotation period: 23 standard hours
    Orbital period: 330 local days


    Class: Terrestrial
    Diameter: 10,100km
    Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable) (mostly)
    Climate: Arid (cataclysm-affected regions) to Temperate (recovering)
    Gravity: Standard
    Primary terrain:
  • Lifeless wastes (cataclysm-affected areas)
  • Temperate forests (mostly)
    • Native Flora: Variety of temperate trees and grasslands
      Native Fauna:
    • Numerous; chiefly of note is a wolf-like creature that prowls the forests
      Points of interest:
    • Irrikut Enclave
    • Subterranean Crypts


      Immigrated species: Various (formerly)
      Primary language(s): None
      Government: None
      Population: None recorded
      Demonym: Irrikutian
      Major cities: None
    • Various Jedi Orders (previously)
    • Sith (previously; presumably)
    • Third Galactic Republic (nominally)


    Unknown generations ago, a terrible cataclysm struck the world of Irrikut, leaving nearly the entire world inhospitable as the blight stretched across its continents. Gradually, in the past four hundred years, that scourge has been thrust back by the resilient tide of nature, restoring much of the world to its former beauty. However, the world remains sleepy and forgotten. It has been long centuries since sentients called the world home, but numerous ruins and temples speak to its Jedi heritage, although only small handful of people know or care for the ancient retreats of this recovering world.


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