Specifications - Red Raptor


An older model transport vessel, prised for its adaptability. The Red Raptor has passed into the possession of several owners, with various modifications being made to it throughout the ship's long lifespan. Few of these models still exist and the fact that The Raptor continues to function optimally is a testament to its sturdy design and adaptability.

At some point in time, a G2-series astromech droid was installed on the ship, which aided in replacing and maintaining many of the ship's older circuits. Other significant modifications include the re-purposing of one of the holds into a Medical bay, with the installation of a 2-1B droid memory into the ship's computer to give medical advice. At a later date, a holographic interface was installed in the bay, allowing for more-effective medical treatment.

The ship's previous owner, Grogga the Hutt, utilised the ship for smuggling and other shady operations, maintaining a small crew on the vessel, which he allowed significant freedom using the vessel because of their surprising skill raking him in profits. In more recent times, the ship was grounded on Nar Shaddaa, with Grogga requiring the crew's skills elsewhere.

During a skirmish at Grogga's Palace on the smuggler's moon, the ship was acquired by a rag-tag group of individuals who then banded together and used the ship for the purposes of hunting down and defeating a cult of Dark-side users. The ship remains in their possession as they continue their mission.


Corellian Engineering Corporation
Model YX-1980
Role Cargo/Transport
Time Between Resupply 2 months


Cargo Capacity 110 tons
Docking Bays 6 cargo bays (adaptable)
Decks 1


Crew 2
Passengers 6
Droids 2
Emergency Capacity 30


Maximum Speed (Atmosphere) 950 km/h
Hyperdrive Rating Class 2 (backup Class 10)
Navigation System Navcomputer

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Armament Medium-rate laser cannons

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttles None