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Name G2-O7

Position Astromech Droid

Character Information

Written by Anyone
Gender Neuter
Class/Occupation G2-Series Astromech Droid
Affiliation Red Raptor
Activated First Activated: 991 ABY, Nubia Autostar (presumed); Rebuilt: 1,218 ABY (Red Raptor
Deactivated 1,218 ABY, Korriban (later rebuilt)
Homeworld Nubia Autostar/Red Raptor
Weapon(s) of Choice Shock Arm

Physical Appearance

Height 3ft
Weight 65lbs
Physical Description G2-O7's main chassis is a fully-rotatable orb secured into a mount - two extendible legs attach to this mount.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics 100% Droid

Important Figures

Other Owned and obedient to the crew of the Red Raptor



Personality & Traits

General Overview G2-O7 is routinely memory-wiped and does not have much developed personality. However, like most astromech droids, it is chirpy and always in the way.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brilliantly efficient and precise repairing the ship and programming the navicomputer.

Bound by obedience to its masters and finds it difficult to function beyond its duties on the ship. It can become rather upset upon leaving the ship.
Ambitions To maintain the Red Raptor and please its current occupants.
Languages Speaks only in Droidspeak (Binary) but can understand many other languages.


Fighting Style No real fighting ability but may shock with his shock arm if provoked.
Notable Abilities Mechanical and computer mastermind - knows the Red Raptor inside and out.
Melee Unknown/None
Marksmanship Unknown/None
Lightsaber Unknown/None
Force Sensitivity Unknown
Force Ability Unknown/None
Engineering Very Good
Computers Very Good
Piloting Average
Medical Very Poor
Charisma Very Poor
Stealth Very Poor

History G2-O7 was found with the Red Raptor and claims to have always been there (although past memory wipes probably make it suspect this).

It claims to be bound to serve the owners of the ship rather than being bound to a particular master. Little else is known of its past owners or functions.