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Name Reave

Position Mechanic/Armourer

Character Information

Written by Christopher
Title(s) The Mad Jawa
Other Names Po'Eyeta (birth name)
Gender Male
Species Jawa
Age 33
Class/Occupation Enforcer
Affiliation Hutt Cartel
Captain Kalen "Rex" Vickers
Alignment -5
Born 1,195 ABY, Tatooine
Homeworld Tatooine
Weapon(s) of Choice BlasTech Model V Heavy repeating blaster
Numerous explosives, blades and blasters
Anything else available

Physical Appearance

Height 3ft
Weight 29kg
Eye Color Glowing Gold
Physical Description Like all Jawas, Reave keeps his physical form concealed under vast amounts of wrapping and articles of clothing, leaving nothing but his angled, scowling golden eyes peering out at those around him, a sense of menace and disdain dripping from every glare.
Form of Dress Reave, whilst garbed in brown robes and wrappings typical of his species, has accessorised his outfit by variously attaching bandoliers and additional pouches, usually adorned with numerous articles of ammunition and explosives. Most remarkably, he wears a trademark pale wide-brimmed hat that he is almost never seen without, and he uses an old large scarf knitted by his clan to minimise any chance of his features being exposed to those around him.

Important Figures

Father Brok'o
Mother Yriiizi
Brother(s) Harum'pha
Sister(s) Thiiza
Other Numerous cousins

Kalen "Rex" Vickers - business partner/employer, friend


Personality & Traits

General Overview Reave, diminutive and aggressive, is atypical for his species. He is aggressive to the point of absurdity and has next to no patience. He trusts few and cares for almost no one; his existence seems fuelled by the search for credits and adrenaline, only seeming to enjoy himself when in a fight, or when smoking a large cigarra. Despite these selfish tendencies, he is nevertheless loyal to those he has grown to respect, and has a dark sense of humour. Reave remains apolitical in nearly all things, and has a preference for Hutt space. He approaches nearly all new characters with a deep-set suspicion and disdain.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quick-witted
+ Loyal
+ Surprisingly protective
+ Brave

- Short-tempered
- Aggressive
- Impatient
- Lacks empathy
- Suspicious of others
Ambitions Reave's exact ambitions are unknown. For the moment, he seems keen to enjoy life to its fullest, indulging in his love of violence, money and tobacco. There has been talk of his absolute hatred of Tatooine and desire to never return, but to hurt its natives, but he does not discuss his past or homeworld with anyone - especially when sober.
Interests and Hobbies With an obsession with violence and combat, Reave has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of weaponry and the mechanics behind them, the latter fact being one of the few traits he shares with his kin.

With a love of both shooting and melee combat, Reave enjoys target practice whenever possible - with live subjects - and has also developed numerous explosive devices from components he has gathered himself.

The Jawa is also known for his penchant of gambling and smoking - often with his business partner and fellow Tatooinian, the Human Rex Vickers.
Languages Can speak: Jawaese
Can understand: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Droidspeak, Tusken (some)


Fighting Style Although he has mastered many weapons, both with muzzles and with blades, Reave has developed a massive fondness for heavy repeating blasters, usually having one slung about his back. As such, he tends to prefer all-out assault in his approach to combat situations, with his tactics usually limited to the imprecise application of explosives and heavy blaster overkill.
Notable Abilities Agile and keen-sighted, Reave is almost as good a marksman as his companion, Rex, and is a remarkable throw with grenades.

Beyond that, whilst his mechanical talents are usually more focused on the engineering and upkeep of weapons, Reave is able to spread those skills into the maintenance of other mechanical objects, including both droids and ships, although he takes far less pleasure in this.
Melee Good
Marksmanship Excellent
Lightsaber Unknown/None
Force Sensitivity None
Force Ability Unknown/None
Engineering Excellent
Computers Very Good
Piloting Good
Medical Average
Charisma Very Poor
Stealth Poor

History Very little is known about Reave's early life, aside from the fact he was born on the desert world of Tatooine. Whilst some have heard of the Jawa's heavy disdain for his homeworld, no one has heard the full story as to why he left - a rare occurrence amongst his scavenger, dune-dwelling species, as well-known as they are across the galaxy.

Eventually, Reave came into contact with a fellow Tatooinian: Kalen "Rex" Vickers, a Human native of Mos Entha, who had also escaped their planet some years prior. Whilst Rex will tell many varying anecdotes about how they came to meet and partner up, the pair have been working together for some years. Typically, Reave serves as the muscle in their partnership, protecting and aiding his friend in times of dire need - although others are often quick to point out, quite correctly, that Reave, more often than not, has either caused or contributed to these very situations with his quick-temper and charged blasters.

Even so, the pair have become well-known for their enduring friendship and reliability as employees of the Hutt Cartel, usually basing themselves out of Nar Shaddaa.