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Rusasha Djehuti-Lahan

Name Rusasha Djehuti-Lahan

Position AgriCorps Member

Character Information

Written by Delon
Title(s) Priestess-Adept of Djehuti (legal tribal rank)
Other Names Ru or Ruhani (nickname from her late mother)
Gender Female
Species Cathar
Age 22
Class/Occupation Jedi Consular
Affiliation Third Galactic Republic

Reborn Jedi Order
- Jedi AgriCorps
Alignment +15
Born 1,196 ABY, Cathar
Homeworld Coruscant
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Green)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6''
Skin Colour Tawny yellow fur
Weight 8st 3lb
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Light green
Physical Description A Cathar female of average height and slender build. She has sultry green eyes and a high cheek boned face. She is reasonably fit from her Jedi training, but is lacking in upper body strength. She makes up for her lack of physicality through the use of her Force Valour power to boost her athletic prowess and endurance in dangerous situations.
Form of Dress Rusasha is trained to serve as a diplomat, and as such prefers to dress the part. A gifted synthweaver, she has merged formal Republic fashions with standard Jedi attire. Her favorite, and most often worn example is a silk royal purple robe with burgundy and silver-patterned lining, a red button-up shirt, and a pendant featuring a green emerald birthstone left to her as a gift from her late mother. She does not wear jewelry of any other kind.

When out on dangerous missions for the Reborn Jedi Order, she dons standard brown and beige traveling robes and a leather utility belt to clip her lightsaber to. She always keeps a spare bacta medpac handy for emergencies.

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Loren† (Human, Jedi Knight, Rusasha's master) - killed by Thane on Jericho, 1,217 ABY (cause of death unknown to public)

Master Sotah (Selkath, Jedi Master) (informal; Loren's master)

Zenarrah Sozo (former Jedi Knight apprenticed to Master Rynseh Lahan) (informal; Juyo tutor)
Father Jedi Master Rynseh Lahan
Mother Yomi Lahan (Rynseh's life mate; deceased)
Other Various uncles, aunts, and cousins from her birth tribe, Lahan, and her adopted tribe, Djehuti.


Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Compassionate
+Gifted healer

-Struggles to control her negative emotions
-Has difficulty living under her father's shadow
-Frustrated with keeping her status as Rynseh's daughter a secret from most of her fellow Jedi
-Limited field experience
-Limited technical knowledge
-Lightsaber skill is only average at best
Ambitions Ru desires to serve the Republic on behalf of the Jedi Temple just as her father did in his prime. In addition to her standard training as a Jedi Consular guided by Jedi Master Sotah and Jedi Knight Loren, she studied the sciences of interstellar relations, economics, and the essentials of Republic law. Although not an expert in her fields of study, she wishes to employ her general knowledge as a diplomat to help ensure peace throughout the galaxy.

This idealistic outlook, however, began to change in 1,217 ABY following her first assignment as a Jedi Knight to seek out the exiled former Jedi, Zenarrah Sozo. The successful return of Sozo was intended to be her final trial for true knighthood, and while successful, Sozo Force-bonded with her during the return trip to Coruscant. Sozo convinced her that the Jedi were not truthful about what happened to Ru's father three years earlier on Balmorra, and thus fractured Ru's faith in her Jedi masters.

She is now reevaluating her purpose in life, and is considering helping Sozo find her missing daughter, Zaracoda Wolph, so they can build a new independent sisterhood of Jedi together.
Interests and Hobbies Ru is a gifted practitioner in the art of synthweaving and has a particular interest in the ever-changing female fashion trends throughout the Republic. She has made custom Jedi robes and casual outfits for herself, her master Loren, and some of her fellow Jedi Padawan friends, but always within the limitations of the strict Jedi dress code.

When she isn't performing her normal duties as a Jedi, she enjoys entertaining others in the Jedi Temple with her prowess with a lute. The antique lute she plays was gifted to her from a homeless elderly Zabrak man who used to roam the Undercity of Coruscant playing his instrument in the streets and in homeless shelters shortly before he died. Ru repaired it with the Force prior to the construction of her first lightsaber, and on occasion goes out at personal risk to herself to play beautiful ballads for the homeless and infirm just as the lute's previous owner had.
Languages Galactic Basic, Catharese, Huttese, Ryl, Shyriiwook


Fighting Style Her preferred weapon of choice to defuse a situation is with her skills of diplomatic oratory and persuasion. When pushed to defending herself, however, she will start by employing her knowledge of the Force to evade and parry attacks, and wield her lightsaber as a last resort. She is not particularly fond of using her lightsaber as a weapon so much as wearing it as a symbol of her status.

Like her father, Rynseh, she has a deep-rooted natural pride and temper that she struggles to control. For those rare times when consumed by anger, her offensive lightsaber techniques tend to become sloppy and puts her at greater risk of a counterattack. If she uses her Force powers in this state, however, caution is advised as the intensity of her abilities are amplified to dangerous extremes beyond her control until she calms down.
Melee Average
Marksmanship Poor
Lightsaber Average
Force Sensitivity Excellent
Force Ability Good
Engineering Poor
Computers Average
Piloting Average
Medical Good
Charisma Good
Stealth Good
Specific Skills/Abilities
Force Powers

Force Concealment: Average
Force Telekinesis (Push/Pull): Average
Force Speed: Poor
Force Valour: Average
Mind Trick: Good
Crucitorn: Good

Lightsaber Combat

Form I (Shii-Cho): Average
Form II (Makashi): Very Poor
Form III (Soresu): Good
Form IV (Ataru): Average
Form V (Shien/Djem So): Very Poor
Form VI (Niman): Average
Form VII (Juyo): Poor

History When asked about her past, Rusasha gazes thoughtfully into the distance, her bright green eyes beaming with a balanced mix of sorrow and joy, and recounts her tale. She was reluctantly brought by her father, Rynseh, to the Reborn Jedi Order Temple on Coruscant when she was just a cub, barely less than a week old and having no idea her mother died giving birth to her.

She was raised by the Order, knowing life only through the Force and the interpretations of its mysteries by her masters within the confines of the Temple walls. She was often told she had great potential in the Force, more than most of her fellow students. She was shy and timid, however, and lacked the self-confidence needed to adequately perform the physical skills she was taught, especially when it came to using a lightsaber. On the other hand, lessons that focused on the mind were more appealing to her introverted nature, and where she faltered in self-defense, she excelled in meditations on the Force and took great joy in using the powers it granted her.

Eventually, as she grew to adolescence, Ru started to find her inner strength and untapped gregarious affinity for interpersonal communication, and discovered ways to shape the Force in and around her to enhance her physical capabilities to keep pace with her more battle-oriented classmates, and to improve perceptions others had of her. She furthered her education by training her oratory skills for public speaking, studied political science and composed speeches in her spare time. She often paid extra attention to the public appearances of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Octavus Paralles, and considered how much of an honour it would be to write speeches for the only non-Jedi that ever deeply inspired her and gave her hope for the galaxy.

She was eventually chosen out of ten other candidates to become the padawan of Jedi Knight Loren. Ru was chosen by Loren not because the Cathar girl was the best, but because Loren saw how naturally the Force moved through Ru and how she had untapped potential and talent that could easily be molded in a myriad of ways. She also saw Ru had an amusing way with words and mind tricks, and decided those traits to be useful for her secret missions for the Order. Loren, specialized as a Jedi Shadow, instructed Ru on the ways of stealth, and was impressed how her feline Cathar padawan took to it rather easily. Loren's training focused on agility, celerity, concealment, gracefulness, scouting, and silently incapacitating targets. Loren, however, was often called away on assignments that were deemed too risky to perform with more than one Jedi, and Ru acquired an embarrassing reputation as the "forgotten padawan", that one that was left behind by her master...