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Rynseh Lahan

Name Rynseh Lahan

Position Jedi Master

Character Information

Written by Delon
Title(s) Master (Reborn Jedi Order)
Brigadier-General (Judicial Forces)
Gender Male
Species Cathar
Age 55
Class/Occupation Jedi Guardian
Affiliation Reborn Jedi Order
• Jedi Templars
• Jedi High Council

Third Galactic Republic
• Third Republic Intelligence Office (TRIO)
• Judicial Forces (Brigadier General)
Alignment +15
Born 1,163 ABY, Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Blue)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7''
Skin Colour White
Weight 16st 6lb
Hair Color Blonde (formerly with tawny body fur)
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Known as one of the toughest and most resilient Jedi Knights in the days of his youth, Rynseh still cuts a formidable figure of solid corded muscles and imposing height in his middle age. Wears traditional Jedi robes colored in dark red to symbolize the shed blood of the padawans and knights that gave their lives in service to the Light on his watch. The sleeves, however, are short and cut just above his elbows. Additionally, he wears a utility belt with a clip for his lightsaber and sports a battery of pouches containing basic medical and survival supplies.

Following a deadly secret mission on Balmorra that resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree burns across most of his body, doctors were able to restore his skin to health, but were unable to stimulate regrowth of his body fur. The only normal fur remaining were those protected on his forearms by his battle gauntlets. Small patches of facial hair have recently regrown on their own. Hair on his head are surgically implanted combinations of synthetic and real donor hair.
Form of Dress In addition to his decades-old lightsaber (which has been repaired and refitted numerous times over the years), his battle gear includes armor gauntlets on both forearms made of beskar-ciridium composite steel. They are intended for defense against blasters and lightsabers on those rare times when he is unexpectedly disarmed or wants his enemies to believe is unarmed as a tactical ploy. They are worn and chipped from years of heavy use and have saved his life more than a few times.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics 1x cybernetic lung, 1x left leg cyber-knee replacement, implanted hair

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Jundal Quellus (Reborn Jedi Grandmaster)
Mentee(s) Zenarrah Sozo (Jedi Shadow; biological mother of Zaracoda Wolph)
Lover(s)/Partner(s) Yomi Lahan (female Cathar; life mate, deceased)
Children Rusasha Lahan (Jedi Consular; Rynseh's daughter and only child)
Father Imrahn Lahan
Mother J'hani Doshu-Lahan


Personality & Traits

General Overview An alpha-minded extroverted middle-aged warrior influenced by the classical Jedi heroes of the Old Republic era, Rynseh is in the prime of his life. After rebounding from near-death due to severe burns that would have felled lesser men, he is flush with pride and a powerful determination to redeem his failures with new victories as a freshly-minted Jedi Master of the Reborn Order.

Among the masters he studied under during his growth as a young Jedi, he was most especially influenced by the Grandmaster himself, Jundal Quellus. As a result, Rynseh is a staunch follower of Waayism, and took it upon himself to almost fanatical levels to carry out Quellus' goal of exterminating elements of the dark side as decisively as possible.

A natural leader and team builder, Rynseh has a history of successfully mentoring and directing multiple Jedi padawans on the battlefield at the same time. He has a keen eye for zeroing in on an individual Force sensitive's talents and knows how best to develop and put those abilities to practical action.
Interests and Hobbies When not actively putting himself and others on the line for the Reborn Order, he has developed a reputation for participation in the political process of the Republic. Rynseh has grown to enjoy the strategic intrigues of the Senate and has quietly formed a network of allies for the Order. As Quellus' best (and unofficial) Senate liaison, Rynseh's charisma and his can-do attitude has built a solid foundation of goodwill that goes all the way to the top tiers of the galactic government.

It should be noted that Rynseh never gets involved with the Senate as a robe-wearing Jedi. His official dealings with politicians come in the form of him as a civilian with the status of a retired (and decorated) Republic military brigadier general (a rank granted to him during the Second Outer Rim conflict). Most Senators aren't even aware that Rynseh is actually a Jedi save for the powerful and connected few such as Senate Speaker Damask Hul and Supreme Chancellor Octavus Paralles.

Following his three-year recovery from the disaster at Balmorra that nearly took his life, Rynseh has set his political involvement aside indefinitely in order to focus on the work of the Reborn Order. All of his attention is now focused solely on the capture and return of wayward ex-Jedi Bomoor Thort and Thane of Caanus.


Fighting Style Rynseh believes in sound strategy when planning a mission, but favours improvisation and direct honourable combat on the battlefield.

In a lightsaber duel, he will often start in defensive Form III to assess his opponent's skills and Force aptitude before switching up to Form V attacks that leverage his great physical strength to overwhelm and achieve a decisive victory. During Form III, he will make good on his reputation as the premier "chatty duelist" by employing the art of Dun Möch to taunt his opponent. As the battle draws on, he will channel his natural lion's pride and animal rage into controlled, serene combinations of hard Form V chops and strokes. Form I has also served him well in the past for those times when he found himself surrounded and outnumbered, or when the situation was just chaotic in general (a common occurrence during his service in the Second Outer Rim Conflict).

When dealing with those using blasters (which was often in his career), he was known by padawans and knights that served with him as "The Wall" for having a virtually impervious Form III technique to deflect most blaster fire, and the quickness to dodge and pounce from explosive attacks that were beyond his lightsaber's capability of blocking.

He will sometimes use unorthodox multi-form chain strikes to catch an opponent off-guard for those times when he is dueling an advanced lightsaber practitioner. When faced with someone exhibiting great strength and reliance on Force powers, he will evade and use powerful leaps to avoid contact with said powers and has been known to pounce on a target and strike them viciously with his bare paws.
Notable Abilities Upon his promotion to Jedi Master, Rynseh was granted access to rare Old Republic era knowledge of lightsaber construction. As a survivor of having his whole body being set on fire, he took particular inspiration from a risky modification known as the Plasma Brand.

For no more than a few seconds per minute, he can trigger a Force-activated charge in his lightsaber that can engulf the blade in a blazing blue fire. He does this mostly for intimidation purposes, but can be very dangerous (even on a glancing blow) to an opponent if it makes contact with flammable clothing and equipment.

Those dueling Rynseh must be on guard for this tactic as he will most often ignite the Plasma Brand when unleashing his aggression in Form V Djem So strikes. When the blade is on fire, it is a clear sign he has lost his patience and is closing in for the kill.
Melee Very Good
Marksmanship Poor
Lightsaber Excellent
Force Sensitivity Very Good
Force Ability Very Good
Engineering Average
Computers Poor
Piloting Good
Medical Average
Charisma Excellent
Stealth Good
Specific Skills/Abilities
Force Powers

Force Telekinesis (Push/Pull): Very Good
Force Speed: Good
Mind Trick: Good
Battlemind: Very Good
Crucitorn: Average

Lightsaber Combat

Form I (Shii-Cho): Very Good
Form II (Makashi): Poor
Form III (Soresu): Mastered
Form IV (Ataru): Average
Form V (Shien/Djem So): Shien: Good Djem So: Excellent
Form VI (Niman): Average
Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): Very Poor