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Name Mentis

Position Force Acolyte

Character Information

Written by Joseph
Other Names "Mantis" (Rex's affectionate mispronunciation)
Gender Male
Species Ratattaki
Age 27
Class/Occupation Dark Jedi Warrior
Affiliation Red Raptor Crew
Cult of Axion (formerly)
Alignment -10
Born 1,191 ABY, Rattatak
Homeworld Ratattak
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Red)

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 9in
Skin Colour Chalk-white
Weight 12st 1lb
Hair Color None
Eye Color Grey (Left pupil dilated after damage)
Physical Description A plain stature with a skeletal figure. Has a severe energy burn scar stretching from his left ear lobe to the ridge of his nose.
Form of Dress Mentis tends to dress in simple black shirts and trousers for mobility, but has also taken to wearing a particular white vest he acquired during his time on Nar Shaddaa with Rex.

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Bomoor Thort
Master Axion (Formerly)
Siniteen Slave Master (Formerly)
Father Unknown Male Rattataki
Mother Unknown Female Rattataki
Other Kalen "Rex" Vickers (Close friend/frequent accomplice)
Reave (Friend)
Nala Sao (Fellow cult member/Old Friend)


Personality & Traits

General Overview A strong and ambitious former servant of the Cult of Axion. He seeks power but prefers order to chaos, which often holds him back from challenging others for control. He holds a lot of fear and expects enemies in every corner.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Resilient
+Dedication to training
-While ambitious, is not willing to break chain of command to secure his own power
-Fears chaos
Ambitions Has always wanted to gain great prestige and grow to be the favoured cultist in the organisation. However, since leaving the cult, his goal has been to establish himself as the strongest individual he can be while hoping to destroy the cult and anyone who tried to restrict him in the past.
Interests and Hobbies Lightsaber sparring and form practice.
Languages Basic, Ratattaki (& Possibly more)


Fighting Style Heavy melee combatant - strongest in the Makashi form.
Notable Abilities An agile fighter who is able to speed and slow his momentum at will with his Force Inertia ability to confuse his opponents.
Melee Very Good
Marksmanship Poor
Lightsaber Very Good
Force Sensitivity Very Good
Force Ability Good
Engineering Average
Computers Average
Piloting Poor
Medical Very Poor
Charisma Average
Stealth Average
Specific Skills/Abilities • Force Inertia: Good
• Force Speed: Average
• Force Choke: Average
• Force Lightening: Poor
• Force Push/Pull: Good
• Saber Throw: Good
• Mind Trick: Average
• Revitalise: Very Poor

• Form I (Shii-Cho): Good
• Form II (Makashi): Very Good
• Form III (Soresu): Average
• Form IV (Ataru): Average
• Form V (Shien/Djem So): Poor (Shien), Average (Djem So)
• Form VI (Niman): Poor
• Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): Good

History Mentis was born to unknown parents on the Outer Rim world of Ratattak. For reasons he cannot remember, he was taken away from his parents when he was a little more than five and sold to a Siniteen master who trained young sentients to fight in the duelling rings on the planet. These duelling rings carry on the tradition of the ancient Gladiator Games, which were replaced by a democratic judicial system on Rattatak before the reformation of the Third Republic.

The Ratattak duelling rings he fought in were regulated and deaths were uncommon due to the use of Energy suppression fields; however, outside the ring, Mentis' master encouraged his young slaves to fight amongst themselves for his approval. As a result, Mentis was used to constant backstabbing and had no friends or allies. However, he became a sharp and vicious melee-fighter, aided by an innate force ability that allowed him to outmanoeuvre his opponents.

One day Mentis' anger and frustration got the better of him and he managed to kill one of his opponents in the ring, in spite of the suppression field, owing to Mentis' unrelenting violent assault on another young duellist after he had already been knocked unconscious. As a result, Mentis was viciously beaten by his master, who was forced to pay for the death of the slave and left locked away for weeks while his fate was determined.

It was at this time that the rising cult-leader Axion paid him a visit, having heard of a slave with the ability to overcome a suppression field with his violent power. He purchased the boy, now in his early-teens and trained him as a cultist alongside his younger prodigy, Nala.

Mentis found the discipline of Axion's rule comforting; he was used to a cruel master and Axion did not disappoint in this regard but he allowed his cultists to gain prestige and develop bonds with each other for the betterment of the cult and Axion's power-base. Mentis fears his world falling back into chaos and sees Axion as the figurehead that gives him purpose and fulfilment.

Story development

Mentis suffered a severe laser injury when fighting for the cult on Nar Shaddaa and developed a lasting scar across his left side. It was here he also met the new cult member Trey, who he developed an immediate dislike for after Axion showed Trey favour over himself and Nala, both longstanding cult members.

After a particularly embarrassing failure at the Jericho space station, Axion punished Mentis particularly severely while the other cultists received minimal scolding. Brewing on this and his hatred for Trey, Mentis sought out and killed Trey before fleeing the cult.

Mentis encountered Kalen "Rex" Vickers on Nar Shaddaa, where he first fled to and hoped that the smuggler might help him seek out the crew of the Red Raptor, who he was compelled to find as one of the only successful opponents to his former master. However, he was roped into rescuing Rex's Jawa partner Reave, from gangsters before Rex would consider helping him. Even after rescuing the Jawa, Rex still had Mentis help him out with various jobs while he tracked down the Raptor crew.

Eventually, Mentis set off with Rex and Reave aboard the Human's ship, the Janna, to the planet of Korriban where the crew of the Raptor were also heading. While they slipped past the orbital defences, they came up against the ship of the Cult of Axion, who shot them down to the surface. Braving the dry environment of the Sith homeworld, they continued on and eventually encountered Thane, Bomoor and Amare who reluctantly agreed for them to travel off the planet with them. Before they got that far, however, the Cultists once again appeared and fought against all assembled, with them only narrowly escaping on the Red Raptor.

Shortly after, Mentis further informed Thane and Bomoor about his defection from the cult and how he wanted to pledge himself to them in order to finally destroy the cult. While Thane felt the Rattataki was a risk, Bomoor agreed to take him on as his responsibility as an apprentice. Rex, Reave and their droid Brick also joined the crew, citing that Mentis owed him a new ship and he would not leave until the debt was repaid.