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"For countless generations, Alba has thrived on its own; its people are educated, industrious and proud to be as such." - Rasmus (Alban Scholar)

Basic Information


    Region: Outer Rim Territories
    Sector: Belsmuth sector
    System: Alba System
    Suns: 1: Alba
    Orbital position: 16
    Moons: 1: Trasalba
    Grid coordinates: O-6
    Distance from Core: 32,250 LY
    Rotation period: 35 standard hours
    Orbital period: 415 local days


    Class: Terrestrial
    Diameter: 15,350km
    Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable)
    Climate: Temporate
    Gravity: Standard
    Primary terrain:
  • Forests
  • Woodland
  • Hills
  • Urban municipalities
    • Native Flora:Deciduous forests
      Native Fauna: Vulpraire
      Points of interest:Elsgate


      Native Species: Human
      Primary language(s): Galactic Basic Standard
      Government: Elected Parliament
      Population: Dense in Urban municipalities, sparse in other regions
      Demonym: Alban
      Major cities:Elsgate
    • First Galactic Republic
    • Confederacy of Independent Systems
    • First Galactic Empire
    • Second Galactic Republic
    • Second Galactic Empire
    • Imperial Remnant
    • Third Galactic Republic
    • Outer Rim Alliance


    Alba (Alba-16) is a primarily human-settled world, known for its proud and strong-minded inhabitants. The planet has a sizeable mass, with an abundance of natural resources. Due to the intelligent and efficient nature of the inhabitants, Alba is largely self-sustaining and has a history of disliking interference from a centralised Core-world government.

    The people of Alba have sided with a number of splinter factions throughout their history, including the Confederacy of Independent systems during the clone wars and the Outer Rim Alliance in more recent years.


    Human settlement of Alba (Sometime before 10,000 BBY)

    While much of early Alban history has been lost to time, scholars have suggested that the natives did not originate from the planet itself as there are no fossil records of precursor species. While the Infinite Empire has been cited as a possible source of early slave humans being settled on the planet, the level of development on Alba has led most to believe that there were strong colonisation efforts made on Alba by early spacefaring humans during the Expansionist Era 25,000 years ago.

    Human culture on Alba developed into great sprawling cities, covering much of the hilly landscape of the planet. Education has always been prized highly on Alba and most cities developed around a library or university, which was seen as the gateway to civilization. Mining and extraction of resources has always been undertaken with care on the planet and finding new ways to make the process more sustainable has been a priority for as long as records date back. As a result, the planet was self-sufficient for thousands of years, despite a booming population.

    Conflicts with the Republic (5,000 - 1,000 BBY)

    Scouts from the First Galactic Republic found Alba around 5,000 BBY but it was not until 1,000 years later that the planet agreed to be part of the Republic. The populace was wary of trading natural resources with the Republic as they did not want to be exploited and lose their ability to sustain themselves. However, they found the exchange of cultural items and ideas beneficial.

    However, shortly after joining the Republic, Alba was one of many planets that suffered during the Mandalorian wars, with raids on their resources and attacks on their precious culture. Feeling that the Republic showed an inability to co-ordinate itself during these attacks and that Jedi-led defence forces were responsible for defending their world, Alba entered into Darth Revan's Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. Even after the war, the planet remained allied with the Sith until the end of the New Sith Wars.

    Under the Ruusan Reformations, the power structure of the Galactic Republic shifted and Alba re-joined, now with a greater say over Galactic affairs than when they originally joined.

    Civil War and Separatism (44-19 BBY)

    While once again a member of the Republic, Republic law had little influence in the sector and a controversial partnership was made between the Alban Parliament and a criminal organisation known as the Syndicat, which completely controlled the nearby planet Phindar. Alba agreed to accept mind-wiped rebels from Phindar that had fought against Syndicate rule. A penal colony was built on the planet to house these individuals.

    In 44 BBY, a civil war broke out on Alba between those that wished to cut ties with the Syndicate and those who wished to continue supporting them. The matter was eventually settled when Phindian rebels, along with Jedi aid as well as sympathisers from Alba, freed Phindar from Syndicate rule and forced the closure of all penal colonies.

    Despite the end of the civil war, tensions remained high and, in 24 BBY, the planet joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and fought for them during the Clone Wars. However, shortly after the execution of Separatist leaders at the end of the war and the formation of the First Galactic Empire, Alba agreed to pledge its allegiance back to the Imperial Senate

    Imperial Planet (19 BBY - 138 ABY)

    Alba was a loyal Imperial planet but never experienced a significant Imperial presence during the span of the Empire and a number of fugitives from the Empire visited the planet without incident during this time. Albans appreciated the independence that came with the Imperial rule, but also the strength it allowed them.

    After the Emporer's death, Alba remained within the control of the Imperial Remnant: first under the regional control of Warlord Zsinj and then later pledging their loyalty to Grand Admiral Thrawn during his campaigns against the New Republic.

    The system reverted to an independent state after Thrawn's death in 9 ABY, remaining distant from the New Republic and ultimately being spared much of the horror that ensued as a result of the New Republic's conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong.

    When Imperial rule rose again under Darth Krayt in 130 ABY, Alba once again chose to become part of the new Galactic Empire, along with the rest of its sector, but this was short lived and, after the dissolution of yet another Empire, the Alban Parliament voted to ensure independence from the Core worlds going forwards.

    Recent History (Around 1,000 ABY)


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