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“There is no greater honor than for a soldier to die in service to his Mand'alor. But there is no greater honor for a Mand'alor than to die for his people.” - Popular Mandalorian saying

Basic Information


    Region: Outer Rim
    Sector: Mandalore Sector System
    System: Mandalore System
    Suns: 1: Mandalore
    Orbital position: 5
    Moons: 2: Concordia
    Grid coordinates: O-7
    Distance from Core: 28,666 LY
    Rotation period: 19 standard hours
    Orbital period: 366 local days


    Class: Terrestrial
    Diameter: 9,200 km
    Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable)
    Climate:Various: Temperate, Tropical, Arid
    Gravity: Standard
    Primary terrain:Forests, jungles, deserts, seas, grass plains
    Native Flora: Veshok trees, Galek trees, Amber ferns, Vormur blooms, Varos
    Native Fauna: Strills, Shriek-hawks, Shatuals, Vhe'viins, Fanned rawl
    Points of interest:-


    Immigrated species: Various but primarily human
    Primary language(s): Mando'a, Galactic Basic Standard
    Government: Court of Mandalore under Mandalore the Provider
    Population: Largely live in tight-knit clans
    Demonym: Mandalorian
    Major cities:-
  • Mandalorian Empire


Mandalore is the birthplace of the Mandalorian people and way of life. While it has been sparsely populated throughout its history, it has served as the core world of Mandalorian Space from which its people have set about to conquer and claim the rest of the galaxy through their prowess as highly-adaptable warriors. While the nature of the Mandalorian people is to exist within tribal clans, which are not always at peace with one another, Mandalore is always viewed as their shared homeworld.


Taung Settlement and the creation of the Mandalorian way (7,000 BBY)

Mandalore was originally a wild and untamed planet with no indigenous sentient species. When the Taung species was forced from their home planet of Notron/Coruscant, they settled on the new planet and began to tame the planet, firstly by hunting the native Mythosaurs to extinction (the skulls of which would later become the most commonly-used sigil for the Mandalorians). They named the planet "Manda'yaim" meaning "Home of Mand'alor" in honour of their leader, who would later become known as "Mandalore the First".

The Taung began living a strong tribal and warrior lifestyle on the planet and quickly dominated the planet's surface. Many of the clans were welcoming to other immigrating species in order to strengthen their prowess, so long as the new individuals adhered to their warring and conquering way of life. However, the planet of Mandalore was not enough for the "Children of Mandalore" or "Mandalorians" as they collectively became known; many clans left to conquer other planets and star systems, leaving the planet largely abandoned by 3,996 BBY, when the Great Sith War began. Despite this, the sharing of Mandalore as a common home was rooted deep in all Mandalorians across the Galaxy.

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