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Name Axion

Position Cult Leader

Character Information

Written by Christopher
Title(s) "The Master"
Gender Male
Species Human
Age ??
Class/Occupation Dark Jedi Master
Affiliation Cult of Axion (Himself)
Alignment -40
Born ??
Homeworld Unknown
Weapon(s) of Choice Single-Bladed Lightsaber (Crimson)

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2
Skin Colour Tanned
Weight ??
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description A tall and densely muscled human, Axion has cropped dark hair and tanned and weathered skin, with piercing dark eyes and a prominent brow. Distinctive tattoos of unknown origins adorn his face.
Form of Dress Always sighted with dark, tight robes with a slight flowing aspect to them towards the base. Generally extravagant, they nevertheless do not inhibit his Force or saber abilities.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics None

Important Figures

Mentee(s) Several: The Cult of Axion
Chiefly: Nala Sao, Female Nautolan (chosen apprentice)
Other Unknown family


Music and Themes The Master (Axion's Theme)

Cult of Axion's Theme

Personality & Traits

General Overview A cunning, suave but ultimately malicious figure, Axion is power-hungry. Charismatic and able to convince others of his ability and intelligence, the Dark Jedi gets others to do his bidding by manipulating and abusing them. However, he is quick to anger and has an extremely volatile temper.
Strengths & Weaknesses A very intelligent man, Axion can make others do his bidding for him, but is nevertheless a very capable warrior with a keen tactical mind.
Ambitions Power: to control much and many, and to be unstoppable.
Interests and Hobbies Power, the arcane, the Force, himself.
Languages Basic, Huttese. Others assumed.


Fighting Style Axion's style heavily incorporates his abilities in the dark arts, utilising a blend of the defences of Soresu with his expertise in Makashi. His combination of talents makes him a powerful duellist that is also capable of taking on more than one opponent, incorporating Force moves (such as push/pull and lightening) into his attacks and defences. A worthy and dangerous adversary.
Notable Abilities Axion is able to build strong connections with others, manifested in his abilities with mind tricks, battle meditation and the mental corruption of others into his way of thinking. He is very capable of inspiring loyalty and a perverse belief in him.

He has the rare ability to form red Force Lightning when summoning the power.
Melee Good
Marksmanship Unknown/None
Lightsaber Excellent
Force Sensitivity Very Good
Force Ability Excellent
Engineering Unknown/None
Computers Unknown/None
Piloting Unknown/None
Medical Unknown/None
Charisma Mastered
Stealth Very Good
Specific Skills/Abilities • Battle Meditation: Very Good
• Force Lightning: Excellent
• Force Choke: Very Good
• Force Push/Pull: Excellent
• Mind Trick: Mastered

• Form I (Shii-Cho): Good
• Form II (Makashi): Excellent
• Form III (Soresu): Excellent
• Form IV (Ataru): Average
• Form V (Shien/Djem So): Good
• Form VI (Niman): Good
• Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad): Very Good


Very little is known of the Dark Jedi Master's past.

All that is known for certainty is what has been witnessed by the Red Raptor crew and their allies, with rumours forming most other details.

Axion, which may not in fact be the man's true name, speaks with a cultured voice but has mastered numerous languages, making it impossible to firmly determine his planet of origin. Needless to say, he is clearly educated and has become well-versed in the arts of the Dark Side of the Force.

Although not a Sith and clearly not adhering to any particular code, Axion is a pupil of numerous dark magics and has taken innumerable apprentices over the years, at some point forming his own "Cult of Axion".

This Cult is formed of several Dark Jedi and an unknown web of underworld connections. No certain base has yet been revealed, but it is believed that Axion mostly acts through his cultists and apprentices to achieve his goals, only venturing out himself when a certain flair or set of skills is truly required.

These various cultists appear to have been taken from a young age, indoctrinated heavily and moulded into Axion's vision; they are fiercely loyal to him, both loving and fearing him at once. What they get from this relationship, however, is unknown, and it is unclear what methods he uses to control his brood.

The earliest known sighting of an active Axion was in the mind-1,190s, when he assaulted the capital keep, Vaarthul, on Caanus, seizing the Verus Bloodfist from a young Thane's family. The 'Fist itself was later revealed to be a Kaiburr shard, so Axion has been seeking out these mythological artefacts for several years - with some noted success.

During the next two decades, Axion came into contact with the Mandalorian Jedi hunter, Sev Rezer, causing the man great harm. Whilst Sev has not revealed the details to his fellow crewmates, all that is known is that he felt manipulated by Axion and that these manipulations led to Sev straying from the Mandalorian way for a time. It is also believed that Axion has a bounty on his head that Sev has been hired to collect.

It is believed Axion was involved in the incident on Balmorra in 1,214 ABY, whereby the Jedi Knight Rynseh was several injured. The exact details or extent of the Cult's involvement is unknown.

The next known formally recorded sighting was in 1,217 ABY on Nar Shaddaa, when Jedi Knights Thane and Bomoor Thort discovered Axion embroiling himself in a Hutt turf war in an effort to seize another shard from a noted gangster. Despite the Jedi's efforts, the Dark Master and his fellow cultists were successful, although they did lose some of their number to the pair.

After the definite discovery of the Cult and its search for the kaiburr shards, Thane, Bomoor, Sev and other members of the Red Raptor confirmed their combined commitment to hunting down the Dark Master, and to finding the shards before they can.

Their next involvement with the Cult came during the mission to Jericho, where it was discovered that Zrad Rezer, a leader of a band of Mandalorian Exiles, had come into possession of a shard. Axion dispatched Nala, Trey and Mentis - three of his leading cultists - to retrieve the jewel, although they were unsuccessful.

Following this incident, with Axion's ire made apparent to those who failed, Mentis killed Trey in a fit of rage and fled the Cult, deciding to seek out the crew of the Red Raptor.