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Name Grogga the Hutt

Position Crime Boss

Character Information

Written by Christopher (briefly Shayne†)
Title(s) Grogga the Elder (to differentiate from his offspring)
Gender Hermaphrodite
Species Hutt
Age 759
Class/Occupation Crime Lord
Affiliation Hutt Cartel
Alignment -40
Born 449 ABY, Sleheyron
Homeworld Nal Hutta

Physical Appearance

Height 12ft 10
Skin Colour Pale Green
Weight 101 stone
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Amber (reddened)
Physical Description A large middle-aged Hutt, Grogga exhibits the traits common to his people.

Slimy skin once rich in colour has nevertheless dulled due to age and ailments following his encounter with the Dark Jedi Axion, just as a silver tube entering his right nostril betrays the subtle breathing apparatus the Hutt now requires for his damaged respiratory organs.
Form of Dress None, bar a small, square metal device attached to the back of Grogga's head, part of his cybernetic breathing apparatus, which has a thin, cylindrical tube running into his left nostril and into a more complex device affixed to his internal organs.
Prosthetics/Cybernetics Breathing apparatus

Important Figures

Mentor(s) Neevo the Hutt (deceased)
Mentee(s) None
Lover(s)/Partner(s) Numerous
Children Morvic the Hutt (deceased, killed by Grogga the Elder)
Grogga the Younger, 200


Personality & Traits

General Overview A leading figure in the Hutt Cartel, Grogga is an intelligent and calculating figure, although not as crass as many of his ilk, not surrounding himself with sycophants or the debauched.

His success, and the success of his clan and legacy, is all that matters to him. And credits. He is still avaricious.
Strengths & Weaknesses Unlike many Hutts, Grogga is not short-tempered or especially decadent, but instead quietly gregarious with a good knack for employing those with the right talent to do his bidding.

Although he always rewards those who serve him, he has amassed something of a reputation for keeping no true friends and typically outsourcing work when not employing his own army, and so is often ostracised and feared amongst fellow Hutts and Cartel figures, earning the contempt of some of his fellows.

Grogga also has a dark, malicious sense of humour, at his most debauched when executing a plan or a person (ideally people), and is particularly vengeful.
Ambitions Ultimately, Grogga seeks to see his clan atop the rest, leading the Hutts in galactic affairs and ending all opposition to himself.

These lofty goals, whilst not atypical of his species, have still put him more at odds with some other more ambitious Hutts, and so whilst respected by many, many more have grown with a sense of rivalry.
Interests and Hobbies His work, clan, as well as some elements of galactic politics.
Languages Huttese, Basic, some understanding of others.


Melee Unknown/None
Marksmanship Average
Lightsaber Unknown/None
Force Sensitivity Unknown
Force Ability Unknown/None
Engineering Unknown/None
Computers Unknown/None
Piloting Average
Medical Unknown/None
Charisma Excellent
Stealth Unknown/None

History Born into a middling slaver's clan of relative disrepute and meagre holdings, Grogga was a Huttling during the Kessel Campaign, a war started by the fledgling Third Republic against the Hutt Cartel to reclaim territories claimed to have been annexed during the New Mandalorian Crusade - a time he still remembers keenly.

In time, Grogga became a competent - and ruthless - enough businessman and crime lord in his own right with a broad network of spies and support, before later arranging for the death of his elders to assume control of his clan's enterprises.

Through clever investments, guile and the right allies, Grogga was able to further promote his clan and business to much greater proportions than his ancestors, merging and conquering others when possible, making him one of the most successful and influential Hutts in the Cartel come the First Outer Rim Conflict.

Whilst this expansion would remain steady, numerous rivals arose in the years leading up to the Second Conflict, including that of his first Huttling - Morvic - who had become increasingly influential himself, and therefore a threat. His second Huttling, Grogga the Younger (sometimes referred to, mockingly, as Grogga the Lesser), has remained a loyal student and heir to Grogga, but the Elder is unsure of his suitability to inherit.

In recent years, following the conclusion of the Second Outer Rim Conflict, Grogga has come into direct conflict with another Hutt, a young upstart named Zorbo, who, with his own Consortium semi-independent of the Cartel, has managed to gather enough resources to challenge Grogga in a fraction of the time it took him.

During Thane and Bomoor's initial mission to Nar Shaddaa, Grogga arranged with Kip Hoddai to destroy (successfully) Casino Zorb, Zorbo's base of operations and biggest money maker on the Smuggler's Moon.

However, Axion and his cult, in league with Zorbo at the time, assaulted his palace and stole his Kaiburr shard. Whilst Grogga survived, it was not without great loss; the shard was stolen by the cult, Grogga himself was choked by Axion causing permanent damage to his respiratory system, and one of his most prized possessions - the holocron of Darth Bane - was taken by Thane.

As a result, Grogga's attentions have shifted to vengeance against both the Jedi (whom he similarly blames for his misfortune) and Dark Jedi, as he seeks both revenge and his property returned.